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Write for Us Summer – Read And Follow The Instructions!

The article Write for Us Summer briefly explains the rules for participating in the guest post articles and their requirements for getting published.

Are you the type of person who loves summer? Do you love summer for its weather or for the holidays? Whatever the answer, summer is always associated with happiness for everyone. It will be nice to read about the summer time. So our dodbuzz team has come up with a guest post on the topic of summer. So writers, get ready to showcase your talent on our platform for writing Write for Us Summer  articles.

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About the website

The Dodbuzz website has achieved a good SEO score and a global Alexa ranking, which shows the authenticity of our website. And we focus more on valid and reliable information. Today’s world is revolving based on information. So we have dedicated ourselves to publishing collections of topics like lifestyle, women’s health, travel ideas and details, investments, business information, product & website reviews, laws, acts, etc.

And we proudly announce that we have an excellent reader base, from people who excel in their field to those who live in every corner of the world. Dodbuzz is home to a more inclusive audience.

Basic rules for  “Write For Us Summer Blog Guest Post

Summer is the hottest season on our planet. But summer is not always about the hot weather and ice cream. It holds the childhood memories of many people. So, in addition to providing useful information, we will also dig up those nostalgic memories.

  • People who studied climatology can share their golden experiences with our readers by providing the basic concepts of temperate climates, the evolution of the earth and its relationship to summer, etc., because we are expecting some technical topics too.
  • Geography graduates can deal with the geographical parameters behind the summer climate and solstice data.
  • WHO protocols and UNEP protocols can be quoted in the article, so Write For Us + Summer Blog  article should have solid content and not false assumptions.
  • This article can take inspiration from these topics: the summer climate for the global world, summer break activities; jobs; summer books; stories related to summer camps; and holidays.  Reasons for increasing summer days in the current scenario; temperature comparisons between the pre-industrial revolution and today; methods to prevent dehydration in the body; global climate conventions; global warming and its relationship with summer seasons; and so on.
  • So the word “summer” has to address the issues and the emotions, so writers should present them in such a manner.

General instructions

While writing Summer Blog “”Write For Us”” articles, guest post authors should strictly follow these rules because these rules help to get a good impression of their work.

  • Articles shouldn’t be in more advanced language; try to explain them in simpler language.
  • In this writing field, plagiarism is considered as one of the most unprofessional actions, so please avoid it. Each word reflects the writer’s skill.
  • Guest post authors can use charts, tables, and pictures in their articles, but they shouldn’t have any intellectual property rights.
  • Writers shouldn’t make any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Make sure to select the formal fonts, font size, and formatting.
  • Word limit: 750 to 1200.

What can writers expect from us?

  • Write For Us + “”Summer Blog””” Writers can expect recognition from our team because many writers are waiting to get their work featured on our website. Because we support each other’s work. Writing for us serves as a form of self-promotion for the writers.
  • Since we get good daily web traffic on the internet, it helps the writer reach more audiences than expected.
  • Our contents follow the SEO guidelines, which is a double benefit for everyone.

How to reach us:

The Dodbuzz team will respond to every writer, so they can boldly try this attempt. Everyone should submit their Write for Us Summer   articles to our mail ID: jacksonhnry59@gmail.com and we don’t accept any other mode of submission. Please take note of the email address for submission. Doubts can be clarified so writers can ask their doubts to our team. Yes, even our editorial staff is overworked, so ask pertinent questions.

Even the selected articles will need some corrections, so the writer has to be ready to accept our suggestions and modify them accordingly.


Guest post articles provide good exposure for the writers. So writers must put their full dedication into their Write for Us Summer   guest work, and please don’t copy and repost the content. Everyone requires the credits. Try to add the references, inventor’s name, etc., in the article, and let us try to present the summer topics from a different perspective.

Learn more about this summer’s topic here.

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23 thoughts on “Write for Us Summer – Read And Follow The Instructions!

    1. From who? I didnt connect the price when I ordered it .it was alot more t han what I read..I want to cancel order but cant get anywhere to get ahold of anyone..help

  1. I have tried numerous times to contact Gloriously Vegan at the web address given: support@gloriouslyvegan.com with zero results. It does not work. I want to return an order but have no address or information as to how to proceed. They provide no phone number for customer service. Very poor way to treat people.

  2. Be careful when you order….make sure you read everything carefully. I did get a quick response when I ordered incorrectly.

  3. I am very upset! I ordered an item for $17.00, they charged me 82.00. Unable to get ahold of them … SCAM!! My credit union said e-mail them and if no respond the will turn it over to the fraudulent dept. Ridiculous

  4. This is a very good product, although expensive, it tastes better than my health store vegan nutritional yeast. Their website is horrible and purchasing through it brings you down a horrible marketing rabbit hole pushing the sales for gloriously vegan cookbooks. They offer a variety of “deals” that involve buying multiple bags at once. I recommend buying it through Amazon, where you won’t be pressured to buy the other stuff they’re shoving down your throat. The product quality reviews I have read are overwhelmingly positive; it seems like people like it or hate it, not much middle ground. They should offer samples at lower cost for people to try – it’s hard to justify spending that kind of money upfront without knowing what you’re buying…

    1. Same thing happened to me. I ordered 1# for #17 and recieved FIVE POUNDS for $85+shipping. I can’t use this much in a lifetime! And no shipping address to return.

  5. Have the updated an easy reliable way to stop auto send if that is one of the things they make you do when you sign up? When I saw all the free things they were giving away it’s the first thing I assumed.

  6. So disappointed in this company, I saw the ads on facebook and my son is vegan so thought I would order along with the Free cookbook, after I ordered they kept advertising for more product, there were more cookbooks advertised and thought they would be good for me and my son so I ordered the cookbooks, the charge said $14.95. After finally getting out of the continued advertising and trying to get me to purchase more product I looked at my bank charges and see they chared me for
    $17.00 AND $108.00 far from the $14.00 for the cookbooks I thought I ordered. I tried to stop the order and there is no phone number to be found and the bank said I need to contact the company, I have emailed and NO response.
    I received the product and got 5 noochie licious (however you spell it) and NO COOKBOOKS!
    What a rip off! I will never order from them again and am totally disappointed in the lack of response. Do they not have phones?

  7. The taste is terrible and I want a full refund on my account. I wanted to just order one bag but received 5 bags for $108.95 and no cookbooks.
    Please contact me as soon as possible to refund my money and let me know how to return Noochy Licious.

  8. This is an urgent response when you will refund my account. My cell number is (626) 676-2244.
    My address is 1768 Kaylyn St, Lancaster CA 93535

  9. I just ordered one bag of your product for my daughter in law & my receipt says I ordered three….I DID NOT!
    I live on a very low disability income & couldn’t possibly buy $90 for your product!

  10. Your website took all my info plus credit card info. There was an error. I am supposed to contact your website support. OK, how do I do that. My order should not have gone thru. I will contact my credit card company and cancel the charge if it appears. Seems you have customer service problems. Not a good way to keep a business up and running. If I do not get a response, I will contact the Better Business Bureau…. well that is if you are a member?

  11. I make a lot of vegan sauces and cheeses with nutritional yeast from the health food store – but was so impressed with the advertising about superior flavor and purity and so on. So I ordered with a special sale price of “buy three get two free”. But the checkout page was very confusing and I ended up paying $89.95 for the three bags which was $29.98 when I thought the price was $17 each. The confusing part is that you get the lowest price only if you buy a “subscription” meaning they will charge you and send you more on a regular basis. So I received the five bags and immediately opened one bag and noticed the color was beige and not yellow like I am used to but whatever. . . as long as the taste was good I’d be happy. So that night I made a cheese sauce for a veggie casserole using 1 and 1/2 cups of the yeast. I expected to notice a difference between it and my original nooch. Well, it was different. Totally bland like a white sauce, no cheesiness at all. The next day I did a taste test on my tongue of just a small amount of the dry nooch from Noochy Licious and then another taste from my original health food store nooch. I could taste almost no flavor from Noochy Licious and a nice full bodied cheese taste from my original nooch. I did find their email address for customer service and sent them an email telling them that I was extremely disappointed in the flavor of their product and that I wanted to get a full refund as they advertised. I said that I would be happy to return the four unopened bags of their nooch IF they would send me a return label. They responded quickly and attached a label and just requested that I take a photo of the contents of the box I was returning and write a short note explaining why I was returning it. I sent them a photo by email and just copied my original letter to them and put it in the box, carefully packed up the remaining unopened bags and sent it off. A few days later, I got an email stating that they had received the return and had issued me a credit for $60. I guess they were only refunding me for the unopened bags. I responded and told them that a full refund of $89.95 was expected to comply with what they had advertised. This morning I checked my credit card and there was the original $60 refund followed by an additional $29.95. So they made good on their 100% guarantee. Maybe their customer service has improved from what some others on this board received. But their product was not worth what they charge.

  12. Apparently I am not the only person who fell prey to this scam. I tried to order 1 bag (1#) for $17. The scroll for add one went on and on and I finally clicked out of the site before finishing transaction. A few weeks later 5 bags (FIVE POUNDS!!) showed up in my mail and I was charged $85 plus ~ $20 in shipping. No way to contact or return. And now, after reading these comments I fear they make have put me in an auto program too (which I carefully avoided).

  13. I too thought I was ordering 1 bag. But was charged for three. However, I decided to accept that as me not reading the fine print. I ordered about a month ago and have received nothing. How do you ship? How can I track one of your shipments? I hope this wasn’t a scam. Please respond.

  14. I don’t even remember ordering this product, so it must have taken a very very long time to arrive. But if my memory is just fuzzy and I actually did order a bag at some earlier time, it certainly would never have been more than one bag! I live all alone and couldn’t possibly consume the 6 lbs. I received before the expiration date, unless I overdose myself on it!

    I order five bags of Noochy Licious, I had to contact them that I had not received them after three weeks, they then sent them and it was terrible tasting so I asked to return the four bags that were un opened, they wanted to give me a 30% off and for me to keep the bags, I said I wanted a refund so they gave me an address, I paid $17.99 for return shipping only to have them not issue a refund or awnser any emails, very dishonest company, terrible product,

    1. Hello Jeffrey Hubbard! Thank you for expressing and sharing your experience here. Your review will be helpful for other readers and upcoming shoppers also. This way, by sharing our words, we can keep each other alert and safe. Thank you! Take Care! Stay Safe!

  16. I have no account or membership with them and they put a RECURRing charge on my bank account. To get out of that I will have to close my card. For me that is a nightmare; I live out of the country and will be without my card and waiting for several weeks. I also only wanted 1 bag, but in that monster long, confusing sales page I wound up with 5 ordered. They are rock bottom scam artists. Do Not Buy Anything From Gloriously Vegan/Noochi Licious

    1. Hi Henry! Our analysts find that this website has positive points. But, we are pleased that you shared your experience as this is very helpful in guiding other readers for such happenings. Stay alert & safe!

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