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WWW Balchitrakala Com 2022 {Jan} Find Theme And Concept

This article on www Balchitrakala Com 2022 will provide you with all the necessary details on the Balchitrakala Spardha competition.

Many competitions are organized to motivate children’s skills and inner talent like art skills, dance skills, etc. One such competition named Balchitrakala Spardha is being organized in India

Today, we will discuss www Balchitrakala Com 2022, criteria, theme, prizes, and categories for participating in this competition. So, your child could be one who could win this competition.

Theme of Balchitrakala Spardha

Balchitrakala Spardha competition is organized every year in Maharashtra. But, due to the ongoing pandemic, this competition was delayed. But now it is being organized. The competition motivates art skills like drawing and painting of the children of class 1st-10th. The theme of this competition is based on cleanliness. So, they need to represent their thoughts on a clean and neat city through their drawing skills. The winners will be awarded a cash prize along with certificates.

More on www Balchitrakala Com 2022

Beginning with the categories of this competition. There are four groups that are described below:

  • Group 1 includes children of class 1st and 2nd.
  • Group 2 includes children of class 3rd to 5th.
  • Group 3 includes children of class 6th to 8th.
  • Group 4 includes children of class 9th to 10th.

Secondly, we will tell you about the prizes awarded to the winners. There is a cash prize along with certificates for the winners. The amount is mentioned below:

  • Rs. 25k to 1st winner
  • Rs. 20k to 2nd winner
  • Rs. 15k to 3rd winner
  • Rs. 5k to 4th winner. It is to be noted as per www Balchitrakala Com 2022 that ten students will be awarded 4th prize.

Basic details of Balchitrakala Spardha competition

A few points need to be kept in mind before you take part in this competition.

  • This competition will be held in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
  • The process of registering for this competition is online.
  • Only students of class 1st to 10th can take part in this competition.
  • Its official Website is www.balchitrakala.com.
  • It is the 14th season of the Balchitrakala Spardha competition.

All these points must be kept in mind as these were some important details about this competition. We discussed a lot on www Balchitrakala Com 2022, and we hope this article has helped you a lot.

Requirements of this competition

Some basic details need to be written and mentioned in the paintings. These details include:

  • Own or parents’ mobile number.
  • E-mail id for registration.

These are the basic requirements of this competition while you register yourself through their official Website.

You can only upload pictures between January 9, 2022, to January 12, 2022, after getting registered on these days. All the details regarding this competition have been shared in this article. So, read this till the end.


As per www Balchitrakala Com 2022, we shared every competition detail. So you will know the theme, category, prizes of this competition. If you want to know anything more about the Balchitrakala Spardha competition, you can check this link.  

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