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Xana Kernodle Obituary: Explore Her Wiki Page, Along With Her Age, Parents, Net worth, Height & More Details!

The article Xana Kernodle Obituary shares the details of Xana Kernodle and her death. Follow us for more update.

Have you heard of the shocking news that four university students were killed off-campus? Do you know Xana Kernodle was one young girl who left the world? Do you want to learn about her parents, net worth, age, and other details? Read the article to learn.

The tragic news has left the people of the United States and Canada in sorrow to lose such young lives in university. Let us learn more about Xana Kernodle’s Obituary.

Who is Xana Kernodle?

Xana Kernodle was a student from Idaho University. She was 20 years old and came to the university to complete her graduation. Xana resides on campus and stays with her three friends. On November 13, 2022, the young girl got killed along with her other three friends inside the off-campus residence in Moscow on King Road, Idaho. Her funeral details are not decided yet.

Xana’s three other friends who lost their lives were Ethan Chapin, 20 years old; Madison Morgen, 21years old; and Kaylee Goncalves, 21 years old . The Parents of these youngsters are left in agony with the loss of their kids.

What is the cause of death of Xana and others?

The students were found dead in their residence, but no clues were found to estimate the cause. Students’ bodies were done an autopsy, and the father of Xana Kernodle states that in the report, the body had defensive wounds. The killer has slain the girls, and the young girls are found helpless to save their lives.

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Let us try to find out the personal details of Xana Kernodle. Read the specifications mentioned below.

  • Name: Xana Kernodle
  • Profession: graduating student
  • Parents: Jeff Kernodle, her father.
  • Date of birth: The date is not known, but he was born in the year 2002.
  • Date of death: On November 13, 2022
  • Native place: Post Falls, Idaho.
  • Education: She is graduating with a degree in Marketing studies.
  • Siblings: Has one sister and no brothers.
  • Sister: Jazzmin Kernodle
  • Boyfriend: Ethan Chapin, who got killed in the attack.
  • School name: Post Falls High School.
  • University: The University of Idaho.
  • Death Place: Moscow.
  • Age20 years old at the time of death.

What is the nationality, Religion, and ethnicity of Xana Kernodle?

Xana Kernodle was an American, she is Christian, and her ethnicity was white.

How does the incident occur?

Ethan and Kernodle went to attend a campus party at Sigma Chi at 8. p.m. on the night before they got killed. In room two, other victims, Morgen and Goncalves, who had been best friends since childhood, stayed. The couple returned to the room at 1.45 a.m. on November 13, 2022. Two other students stayed with them but were spared by the killer. 

The Net Worth of Xana Kernodle was not revealed yet. The students’ killings shook the campus, and the university declared holidays. There is a candlelight vigil on November 30 for prayers of these students’ souls.

Xana was a good athlete in their school days. She actively participated in Football and Volleyball games during her schooling. She has shared her game pictures on social media platforms. The death of a young, charming and cute girl has left dark in her home and their family members’ lives. Height of Xana Kernodle is 5 Feet 3 Inch.


How does the incident occur

How did Xana Kernodle’s father respond?

Xana’s father, Jeff Kernodle, states that he was proud of his daughter, who fought before death to save herself from the attacker. Even though the loss was not replenishable.

One of Xana Kernodle’s was raising funds for her funeral. We share your link below.

Social media links

Fundraising link


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Xana Kernodle Obituary- FAQS.

Q.1 Who was Xana Kernodle?

 Xana Kernodle was a young girl who hailed from Post Falls, Idaho.

Q.2 What is the reason she is in the news?

Xana got killed along with her three friends in a residence in Moscow.

Q.3 What was her age?

She is twenty years old at the time of death.

Q.4 Where was she studying?

Xana was graduating in Marketing studies.

Q.5 Where was she studying?

She was studying at the University of Idaho.

Q.6 What was the cause of death?

The cause of death is not revealed yet in an autopsy. She had defensive wounds.

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