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Xebec Tri Screen Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Good Buy?

Xebec Tri Screen Reviews {Jan 2021} Is It A Good Buy? >> Ever yearned for the triple screen for your device then Xebec Tri Screen is here, read the reviews.

Do you prefer a triple screen for your laptop? If yes, here we are introducing an article on display accessories, Xebec tri screen, a portable triple-screen device co-powered by Xebec. Bravo! Willing to buy but afraid of its legitimacy, no worries, we would suggest you wade through from Xebec Tri Screen Reviews.

 Always willing for a triple screen to work efficiently and here is glad tidings for you all is Xebec tri screen, which can boost your productiveness and provide a fruitful result while working from home.

Xebec tri screen is presently associated with the United States. If you people are ordained to acquire this product but want to know Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit? Then we would suggest you take a glance at the entire article.

What is Xebec Tri Screen?

Xebec Tri Screen is a triple-screen portable device for laptops or monitors that help one by increasing productivity and efficiency by letting one perform more than one work at the same time, which in turn gives beneficial results. Xebec is providing a Kickstand with the xebec tri screen, 2Х USB Type-C cables, 4Х Adhesive backed cable clips, Velcro cable tie, 2Х Bracket adapters, etc. Sounds amazing!

Xebec tri screen is light in weight and easy to use as it is having a slide-out delineate one has to connect it to the back of the laptop by embracing it stretch the device until it is broad enough to befit over the screen, then just squash it out until it makes a perfect fit. Brilliant!

Specifications of Xebec Tri Screen

  • Product name- Xebec Tri Screen
  • Display- Two 10.1 inch 1920 Х 1200, Full HD LCD IPS with adjustable brightness.
  • Size & weight- 2 pounds in weight, 1 inch in-depth, 7.4 inches in height, and 12.09 inches in width.
  • Inputs & Connectivity- USB type-C input (video and power) and Mini-HDMI input (video)
  • Power Consumption- 5V (volt) 2A (Amps) per screen.
  • Compatibility- compatible with every OS or with every Windows (PC), Mac, Linux, Chrome, etc., or any device with video source out can be used.

Pros of Xebec Tri Screen

  • The device is very portable and required no installation.
  • Xebec is providing one year warranty for its product.
  • The device is light-weighted and can be handling easily.
  • Easy-breezy 30 days returns policy.
  • Free shipping in US territories.
  • Increases productiveness and allows more flexibility.

Cons of Xebec Tri Screen

  • The product is quite expensive.
  • Tri screens can cause distractions, which can adversely affect the work.
  • May require too much space to work.

Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit?

Xebec Tri Screen is a portable multi-screen co-powered by Xebec which is SSL encrypted and registered its domain on 14-11-2018 that will expire on 14-11-2020 i.e.; it is 1 year 8 months and 21 days old and have a remarkable review on the website related to the product. 

The company’s address details are well mentioned on the website, and e-mail id to support its customer 24/7 has been provided on the site. Xebec is presently registered with the United States and associated with so many social media platforms, and payments can be made through net banking, PayPal, Gpay, etc. securely. 

These reasons are sufficient to make this product trustworthy. Therefore if you people will ask Is Xebec Tri Screen Legit? The answer is “yes” furthermore read Xebec Tri Screen Reviews under Customer Reviews for Xebec Tri Screen section, respectively.

Customer Reviews for Xebec Tri Screen 

We always work our fingers to the bone for gathering customer reviews, whether for a product or for a website as we know how much these reviews are vital for you people as these are a mover and a shaker, which makes you confident enough to buy a product. 

Luckily, we found customer reviews for the Xebec tri screen on its website and believe us the reviews were remarkable. Even though we go the extra mile and check for the reviews on the other social medial platforms there also, the reviews were positive.

Final Verdict

The company’s address details were well mentioned on the website, which was not fake and furthermore, remarkable reviews were found not only on the website as well as on other social media platforms also.

They have explained the product functionality marvelously and stepwise measures on how to use the product and also provided an e-mail id to support it, customers, 24/7.

Hence all the reasons mentioned above make this product reliable furthermore we concluded that the product is not a scam and you people should try this product at once.

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  1. Thank-you for a detailed review. I was considering purchasing and wanted to promote this to my company and staff to buy for all remote employees. Your review was detailed and to the point. The pros and cons is what sold me to buy. Thanks!

    1. Hello! We are grateful that you have visited our blog and posted your precious comment here. Thank you! Happy Reading!

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