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A Beginner’s Guide to a Yacht Charter

Chartering a yacht is the most elegant way to spend your holidays in Dubai. Most tourists visiting the city prefer yacht charters to explore the coastal destinations of the region. So if you are planning to visit Dubai to spend your holidays or celebrate a special occasion, here’s a detailed guide to yacht charter.

Charter a yacht in Dubai: Steps and tips to know

Dubai has witnessed a sudden increase in the demand and popularity of yacht charters. This comes as a result of the luxurious developments that have been established across the shore and out in the sea. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a yacht for rent in Dubai, here are a few essential steps you will need to follow. 

  • Find out the top yacht rental company in Dubai 
  • Browse through the yacht fleet 
  • The purpose of rental should be informed to the company 
  • Mention décor and other requirements
  • Provide essential documents 
  • Make your payment 

Find out the top yacht rental company in Dubai 

With the growing popularity of yachts in Dubai, yacht rental companies have also increased in number. Therefore, you must choose the most suitable and reliable company to charter your yacht. 

The most effective way to do this is by browsing through customer reviews on Google. Customer reviews are the most powerful tool to identify people’s experiences and learn new inputs. 

Therefore, based on customer inputs, you can narrow your options for yacht rental to pick the best one.

Browse through the yacht fleet 

Dubai’s top yacht rental companies offer more than 100 yachts as part of their fleet. These yachts vary in size, performance and capacity. Therefore, you can browse through the entire fleet to note a few different yacht options to rent.

The purpose of rental should be informed to the company 

It is essential that you inform the yacht rental company about the purpose of the charter. What this does is that it provides the company with full disclosure of your yacht rental purpose and also helps them advise you on the best yacht. 

If you want to travel for a longer distance over a period of one week, a larger, more powerful yacht is suitable. On the other hand, if you want to go on a refreshing cruise around the coast of Dubai, you can choose to charter a small yacht. 

Subsequently, if partying on a yacht is your purpose of the rental, then based on your guest list, you can choose the size of your yacht. Therefore, based on your purpose of renting the yacht, the company can suggest you choose the perfect yacht.

Mention décor and other requirements

While booking your yacht charter, you must mention your décor, food and other bespoke requirements. This is because the knowledge of this will enable the company to prepare your requirements and provide you a proper quote of costs. 

Provide essential documents 

Both residents and tourists are required to present some essential documentation for the purpose of verification. The primary documents needed are official government identification for UAE residents (Emirates ID) and passport and visit visa documents of tourists.

Make your payment 

To complete your yacht rental procedure, you must make the payment and acknowledge the clause of the agreement. After completing all the procedures, all you need to do then is to enjoy your yacht charter experience. 

Top yachts to rent in Dubai

From the plethora of yacht options available in the city, here is a list of all the best yachts to charter in Dubai. 

  • Baglietto 108 Lady Maya yacht: 108 ft. yacht, 20 capacity, 8 guests, and 3 cabins
  • Tati 110 Gems yacht: 115 ft. yacht, 20 capacity, 5 cabins, and 10 guests
  • Gulf Craft 88 yacht: 88 ft. yacht, 65 capacity and 4 cabins
  • Custom yacht 220 Lotus yacht: 220 ft. yacht, 500 capacity, 9 cabins, and 18 guests
  • Sunseeker 90 Fly Notorious: 90 ft. yacht, 20 capacity, 4 cabins, and 8 guests
  • Azimut 55 White Pearl yacht: 55 ft. yacht, 20 capacity, 2 cabins and 4 guests
  • Fairline 76 Liberty: 76 ft. yacht, 33 capacity, 3 cabins and 6 guests 
  • Majesty 101 Infinity: 101 ft. yacht, 50 capacity, 4 cabins and 8 guests 
  • Alshali 85 Venus: 85 ft. yacht, 45 capacity, 3 cabins and 6 guests
  • Azimut 50 Monica yacht: 50 ft. yacht, 20 capacity, 2 cabins and 4 guests

Best yacht destinations in Dubai

One of the top reasons for the popularity of yacht charter in Dubai is the destinations you can visit. Following are the must-visit yacht destinations in Dubai.

  • Dubai Marina
  • La Mer
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Creek Harbour 
  • The World, Dubai 
  • Burj Al Arab 
  • Dubai Canal 
  • Bluewaters Island 

The destinations mentioned above include some of the top landmarks and properties in the world. From the beautiful Atlantis resort to the largest Ferris Wheel in the world, you can witness some stunning sights from the comfort of your yacht.

Things to note while chartering a yacht

Following are some of the key points to note while chartering a yacht in Dubai.

  • Inspect the yacht while booking if you can
  • Check for insurance requirements 
  • Ask the company regarding their clause regarding alcohol consumption or restrictions
  • Check with the company regarding additional water activities if included in the package 
  • Carry all your essentials while traveling out at the sea 
  • Check with the company regarding luggage carrying capacity and limits, if any

Dubai: World’s top yachting destination

Dubai is a city that needs no introduction. Everything about a luxury lifestyle resonates with the city. Hence, it goes without saying that luxury yacht charters are so popular in the region. 

You can travel to your desired location or host the most magnificent parties on a luxury yacht. What better way to start your 2023, than by chartering a yacht. Rent a yacht now and explore Dubai like never before. 

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