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Yisoner Scam-What Is It? Check Entire Info Of Web.yisoner.com!

Be aware of the Yisoner Scam. Please read the full article to know what type of scam Yisoner is doing, and stay tuned with us.

Do you know what Yisoner is? Have you ever faced any scams before? If your answer is no, you must check out the article. Many natives from Nigeria recently received a fake message on their phones from a completely unknown number. We have found some complaints about this text message. In the Yisoner Scam article, we will discuss every piece of information about this website and those text messages. 

By the end of this article, you will get all your answers. So, please continue to read the article.

Source: dodbuzz.com

Is Yisoner legit or not?

After analyzing the details and reviews of Yisoner, we realize one thing. The messages that many people are receiving are fake. We have found only five reviews about Web.yisoner.com. All five reviews are the same. All of them commented that recently, they have received a text message containing a password and link from an unknown number. In this text message, they found the official website of web.yisoner.com. 

Some users commented that after receiving such a text message, they requested the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office to take legal action against this. We recommend that, if you receive similar messages, than kindly take same action. 

What Is Yisoner?

Unfortunately, we could not find any details about this website. The website is too new. We tried our best to gather some information about this website. Here they are-

  1. The domain name of web.yisoner.com was created only twenty-five days ago. 
  2. The website is not HTTPS protected.
  3. The Alexa traffic ranking of this website is 10,126,443 among the millions of different websites. 

Yisoner Scam:

After analyzing all the information about this website, we can assure you that web.yisoner.com is a fake website. If you receive any suspicious message from an unknown number containing the link to this website, block the number immediately and do not click on any unnecessary and suspicious link. 

The Last Words:

Do not fall for such fake websites that have no details on the internet. There are so many websites that are fraudulent like Yisoner Scam. So, please be careful. You can click on the link to get further information about how to identify a fake website

Have you received any fake messages? Please comment. 

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