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Yordenis Ugas Record (Aug 2021) Read Updated Details!

Yordenis Ugas Record (Aug 2021) Read Updated Details! >> The write-up provides insight into a well-known figure’s fighting career. Read on to learn more about his career and fascinating facts.

Are you looking forward to August 21, 2021, for a fight among two WBA (Super) current champions? This post will introduce you to one of the opponents.

Yordenis Ugas is a Cuban boxer who relocated to the United States for his profession. He has an outstanding battling career, and also the National League Association has designated him as a Champion in 2021. So, Let’s know more about Yordenis Ugas Record with each detail in depth.

Who exactly is Yordenis Ugas?

He was born in Santiago de Cuba on July 14, 1986. Yordenis Ugás, a bright, strategically skilled boxer, won a medal in the 2005 International Tournament after an exciting match with Romal Amanov. He also earned a bronze medal as an athlete at the 2008 Olympic Games, gaining his admiration in the fighting field. 

The Battle History of Yordenis Ugas is pretty outstanding. Ugas has been regarded as a tall, slender lightweight with a sluggish fighting style by certain online pages. Nonetheless, yordenis ugas fight record established a reputation for himself in his native country until travelling to the United States to further his fighting career.

About Yordenis Ugas Career

Yordenis Ugás won the U17 major tournaments in 2003, although he missed the junior crown to Amir Khan in 2004. In heavyweight, he fell two times to Luis Franco of France, and he finished third at the championships in 2004. In 2005, he switched to lightweight and became more popular, capturing the Cuban Titles from 2005 to 2008 & developing him as a sensation known as Yordenis Ugas Record.

Ugas Life Journey

Ugas made his professional debut on July 9, 2010, following migrating to the United States in 2010. This battle for the WBC lightweight belt with Shawn Porter was a political tactic since many spectators and superfans thought Ugas’ execution was right on and stronger than his challenger.

However, two justices ruled on Porter’s behalf, causing fans to doubt the verdict. However, this did not discourage Ugas, as his next battle was a clear victory, with Ugas winning all three sets. This winning streak continued to his next match as his opponent Mike Dallas Jr multiple times by Ugas.

Yordenis Ugas Record 

Yordenis Ugas Fight Record is exceptionally commendable. His total fights are 30 with 26 wins (12 wins by Knockouts) and four losses. These statistics show how skilled Ugas is.

After Manny Pacquiao revoked his ranking due to lack of interest, Ugas was promoted to WBA (Super) champion. Pacquiao was supposed to have a match with Errol Spence Jr on August 21, 2021, in Las Vegas, but Spence had to cancel due to an eye injury. So Ugas has been finalized to replace him and defend his ranks against Manny.

Final Verdict

Yordenis Ugas life is extremely motivating and demonstrates the value of hard grit and sacrifice, and yordenis ugas fight record is amazing. But he was humiliated by the journalists and had some heated encounters with other fighters, yet he didn’t let it stop him from achieving his goal to become the finest fighter in the world. 

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