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The Top 5 Questions You Should Always Ask a New Cleaner Before You Hire Them

The Top 5 Questions You Should Always Ask a New Cleaner: If you’ve spent any time looking for a home cleaning service provider, you’ll know that there are a lot to choose from. It’s estimated by Statista that the United States is home to more than 795,000 maids and housekeepers, while IBISWorld has counted over a million janitorial services. With so much choice, how can you make an informed decision?

You can start by asking friends and family for referrals. Another option is to browse local listings on Google and Yelp for cleaning services nearby. Be sure to check the reviews to see what previous clients have to say. After narrowing down your list, ask each candidate the following questions to make sure you’re hiring the most reliable cleaner. 

How Much Do You Charge?

This is obviously an important factor, so it makes sense to first get an idea of what the cleaning service will cost you. 

According to HomeAdvisor, clients should expect to pay between $100 and $300 for up to three hours of service. When assessing the cost, think about what you’re getting for the money – not just the bottom line. In fact, it seldom makes sense to dwell on the money and time equation, as the service can vary depending on how it’s provided. 

For example, imagine that you agree to pay a team $100 for two hours of service per week. Then, one day, the cleaners finish the job in half the time. You might think you were overcharged. However, there may have been less to do or they brought in an additional team member, allowing them to do all of the work faster. 

Keep in mind that one-time jobs tend to cost more than those carried out on a regular schedule. The more often you bring them in, the less it will cost as it’s always easier to service a house that was cleaned two weeks ago than one that hasn’t been touched in months. 

What Will You Clean?

Before doing any interviews, consider ahead of time what exactly you want the cleaner to address in your home. You can then relay this information and point out anything they might have missed when listing what’s included in their services. For instance, you might want your windows cleaned on both sides when the maid usually only does the inside.

Are You Insured?

Yes, even maids and cleaning companies require certain forms of insurance. Therefore, it’s vital to ask the question, do you have house cleaning insurance for your business? If so, it typically comes in the form of general liability coverage, which protects both parties from financial losses due to accidents causing injury or property damage. 

Having insurance not only indicates that the cleaner is a safer bet, but also that they are more established, professional and concerned about the well-being of their business and clients. 

How Should I Prepare?

Not all cleaning service providers are the same, so it’s worth asking whether there is anything you should do before they arrive to ensure the smoothest job. Many maids and teams won’t clean up clutter such as children’s toys, so you’ll save time by removing that yourself. This way, they can quickly access the floor and other surfaces that require attention.

On the other hand, if you lack the time to put away clutter and prefer for that to be included in the service, remember to talk about it with the cleaner beforehand so they know what to focus on. Some might be hesitant to touch your personal belongings, so you need to make it clear in advance what you’re comfortable with. 

Do I Need to Supply Any Equipment?

The general rule here is that, the smaller the service provider, the more cleaning supplies and equipment you’ll need to provide yourself. If it turns out that you do have to purchase certain tools for them, you might as well ask them for some recommendations on the best products. They likely have the knowledge and experience to back up their choices. 

A final question that you may have to ask is whether you need to move your pets. Most cleaners probably won’t mind having cats or dogs around, but you don’t want your hyperactive Pitbull to give your new maid a heart attack when she walks in.

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