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Yusuke All Star {July 2021} Curious – All Worth Reading!

Yusuke All Star {July 2021} Curious – All Worth Reading! >> This article details a new and powerful unit introduced in an online video game.

Do you want to know all about a new powerful demon in All Star Tower Defense? Do you want to understand all the new features you get in a Yusuke Showcase? If yes, then please read our article showcasing all the details about Yusuke All Star

Roblox gamers in the United States and Brazil have recently been showcasing this new all-star character so let’s find out what it’s all about!

About All Star Tower Defense:

All star Tower Defense is an online video game on the Roblox platform. It was created on 5/7/2020, and since then, it has had over 1.7 billion visits. This game was developed by the famous Tacomura, MoltenPrime, AStrongMuscle, and AngeIicMar. 

The basic model of this game is to use your units to battle waves of enemies. Just like Yusuke All Star, all the characters have unique, powerful features, and you can keep on adding new things from the Summon Gate and Emote Shop every hour.

There are also features such as:

  • Upgrading your troops during battle to unlock different attacks, 
  • Summoning characters from the gate to get new units and use them in fights, and 
  • Teaming up with your friends to take on infinity tower or story mode. 

This game has more than 671,000+ positive ratings and 82,212 active players on the Roblox platform. Gamers love it all over the world. You can buy a pod unit display pass, a cloud unit display pass and a VIP pass for this game.

Yusuke All Star:

Coming to the most anticipated part of this article, let’s talk all about Jusuke. This unit is inspired by the character Yusuke from YuYu Hakusho, a Japanese Manga series.

Let’s look into all the details of Jusuke:

  • You can only obtain him from the Hero Summon, an area where the gamers can use gems and gold to receive primary and secondary units.
  • Jusuke can be developed into Demon Jusuke, which as an evolved 5-star unit of Yusuke.
  • Jusuke is a 4-star AoE and ground-type unit.
  • The deployment cost for Yusuke All Star is $400 with 42.96 Damage, 14 Range, 5 SPA, and 8.59 DPS. After this, two upgrades are available:
  • Upgrade 1 for $750 with 89.5 Damage, 19 Range, 4.5 SPA, and 19.89 DPS.
  • Upgrade 2 for $1,750 with 144.99 Damage, 24 Range, 4 SPA, and 36.25 DPS along with Spirit Away.
  • You can sell the troops for half of their deployment costs plus upgrades.


All Star Tower Defense introduces many new and exciting units with unique features to enhance their gaming experience, and Yusuke All Star is one of them. It is showcased and reviewed by many gamers online for possessing powerful qualities. You can check out all game details at

However, before you buy any passes, beware that Not all Robux Generators are safe, so make sure you stay away from scams.

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