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Zara 46th Anniversary Scam (Sep) Read Reviews To Know!

This post supplies accurate information about Zara 46th Anniversary Scam and will let you know whether it’s a piece of real news or not.

Zara is an international clothing brand that supplies classy and unique dresses for men and women. The store is available in both physical and virtual modes. But recently, Philippines and United States residents came across news saying about Zara’s 48th anniversary.

This type of message is most probably considered a fake rumor. This is being done for online scams known as phishing, where scammers text to trick victims. So scroll down and read if this message about the Zara 46th Anniversary Scam is a real one or scam!

Is Zara 46th Anniversary Celebration Going On?

It’s seen that over some sources, the links have been circulated stating about 46th Anniversary of Zara brand. But there are no official notices issued like such by Zara brand official Facebook or Instagram page. 

This is a rumor, and Zara is not celebrating its 46th Anniversary currently and has not shared any official post anywhere till now. Furthermore, the Zara company hasn’t issued any notice of its 46th Anniversary on any news websites too.

 So is Zara 46th Anniversary Scam? Let’s Read out about this further.

About Zara 46th Anniversary Celebration Scam:

The links have been sent over different media, which is fake, stating ” Zara 46th Anniversary Celebration”. The links appear to be from a phishing site where hackers steal the account credentials details and financial and personal information from the victims.

Those links may also redirect victims to the scam page, where they will display catchy products and services and trick them for purchase. So one must need to observe the phishing nature of the link provided and ignore if there is any potential doubts.

No doubt Zara 46th Anniversary Scam is true. We got to see that one of the Facebook pages named online threat alerts has shared the post six hours ago relating to this Anniversary Scam and had asked people not to share comments or open those links instead deleted them ASAP for their safety.

Other Ways Of Such Scams

You may also receive emails or texts about these scams. The text will be displayed legitly, and you may be asked to do something to get gifts or be a part of the Zara brand.

So email and text are other sources through which scams may be carried out sending those types of messages.

How To Know If Zara 46th Anniversary Scam One?

Suppose you have come across this text from social pages and is provided with a link. Then, try to visit an official social page of Zara and see if they make any latest updates about the 46th Anniversary. 

If there are no official news concerning the same, the links must be a scam and will trick you into scams. So try to ignore all these kinds of text, emails or links. 

You may search if Zara’s Facebook Page had updated about its 46th Anniversary Celebration or not. 


At last, it’s clear that Zara 46th Anniversary Scam is true and must be avoided by everyone to stay safe and secure from being a victim of online fraud.

This was all about it!

Have you received such a scam text? Comment 

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