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{Updated} Zendaya Wooden Plank Video: What Is The Video Contains? Checkout Trending Facts!

The below post will help you in understanding the unknown and trending facts for Zendaya Wooden Plank Video.

Are you a fan of Zendaya? Zendaya is a Hollywood actress currently in the limelight because of one of her videos. This video of her gains a lot of attention on the internet and social media platforms. 

Netizens from the United States and across the world are curious to know everything about Zendaya’s viral video. Keep us with this article because, in this article, we will give our readers all the information about Zendaya Wooden Plank Video and some other relevant information.

Why is Zendaya’s wooden plank video going viral?

During a photoshoot, Zendaya wore a high heel shaped like a wooden plank, which became the reason for her viral video. Every person was commenting on those wooden shoes that she wore with a short pink dress, tight leggings, and all pink accessories. 

How she handled such heavy wooden shoes during the photo shoot was flattering and attracted all the attention. People also commented that they spotted Anne Hathaway and Lady Gaga with wooden plank heels just like Zendaya’s.

What Is The Zendaya Wooden Planks Video?

Zendaya’s wooden plank video was a part of a creative photoshoot from Valentino, where she looked ravishing in wooden plank heels. As the video was getting so much recognition, Zendaya on her Instagram account claimed that she had seen some actresses and singers in these shoes and she was imitating them.

After the video of these heels went viral, all the heels sold out and were out of stock from the Valentino collection.

Some Points about the wooden plank heels from Zendaya Wooden Plank Video

  • Valentino presents these shoes, and the price of the shoes is $1,150
  • Most of the models used these shoes to add height and look taller
  • These shoes were first created in China to make people walk stately and slowly
  • The size of the heels reached up to 23 cm
  • Despite the height, it has enough room for the toe with round edges, which do not make women uncomfortable to wear.

Some Points about the wooden plank heels from Zendaya Wooden Plank Video

Information about Zendaya after Zendaya Wooden Plank Video

  • Zendaya started her career in modeling in 2009 for Mervyns, Old Navy, and Macy’s.
  • She worked in an ad for ICarly toys. 
  • Zendaya attended Oakland School for the Arts and completed her graduation from Oak Park High School.
  • In 2017 she debuted in her first feature film titled Spider-Man: Homecoming.
  • She is the youngest 2 times Primetime Emmy winner for her role in Euphoria, where she played the lead actress.
  • She also has written a book and has her clothing line

The history behind the shoes from Zendaya Wooden Plank Video

These shoes were created in the early beginning of China. Based on their historical records, they wanted their residents to be courteous in their way of the act, including talking and walking.

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Final Verdict

Zendaya’s video got viral and got all the attention because she perfectly carried her long Wooden Plank’s heels in the photo shoot.

Do you find this article informative? We would like to know your views about this article in the comment section below.

Zendaya Wooden Plank Video (FAQs)

Q.1 Was there any explicit video related to the wooden plank video?

 A-No, Zendaya’s wooden plank video was only associated with the long shoes.

Q.2 What is the net worth of Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman?

A- As one of the most famous celebrities, her net worth is $20 million.

Q.3 What is the name of the book that Zendaya has written?

A- The book called” Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence.

Q.4 How many songs does Zendaya have released?

A- She has released 10 singles, and 3 promotional singles, and appeared in some music albums.

Q.5 On what platforms was Zendaya Wooden Plank Video circulated?

A- Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and other social media.

Q.6 When and what was Zendaya’s first debut single?

A-On 16 July 2013, her first debut single was released titled” Replay,” which reached 51st place on the US billboard 200.

Q.7 What is the age of Zendaya?

A- She is 26 years old

Q.8 Is Zendaya dating anyone?

A- Yes, from the reports and off-screen chemistry, it seems Zendaya is dating Tom Holland, Her co-star in Spiderman.

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