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Zerlos Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

Zerlos Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website? >> In this article, you will get to know about a website that sells rhinestones and decoration items.

Are you also a person who believes that small things can make our life beautiful? Do you also find happiness in little things? Are you an artist? If the answer to these questions is Yes, then Zerlos Reviews brings you one more way of finding happiness. 

You might be thinking what this is about, then let me give you a hint that the happiness I am talking about comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes, and most importantly, they are very shiny and glittery. The small objects I am talking about can make anything look beautiful and will make your life shine.

If you live in the United States and want to know about a website that will help you make everything around, you look happier and beautiful. Then, it would help if you read this article.

Also, we will tell you, Is Zerlos Legit? So, to get the answer to all the questions, keep reading. You will get to know some fun facts about the products that Zerlos sells.

What is Zerlos?

Zerlos is a usual website, just like other websites that sell some fantastic products. But you will be glad to know that this website does not deal with clothing or beauty products, but it deals with something more substantial. Yes, the outcome this website sells is for artists.

This website sells colorful stones that are glittery and shiny. Anyone who wants to make small things in their house looks pretty can use this. Artists who know embroidery and paper art can also use this. There is a trend of handmade items going on, and everyone loves handmade gifts and cards on their special occasions.

You can make original items using the stones and gift it to your loved ones on their special day. If you are running a business of creating memories for other people and making lovely gift items, you can use the stones in that too. Different rhinestones available are nail stones and acrylic stones.


  • Website type: Stones store
  • Website link: https://www.zerlos.com/
  • Shipping: Order shipping takes place within 24 hours.
  • Delivery: The delivery of items takes place within 5-10 business days.
  • Cancellation: You can cancel the order before processing.
  • Returns: The company has a 30-day return policy. 
  • Refunds: You will get your money within 3-5 working days.
  • E-mail address: support@zerlos.com
  • Contact no.: 5073509702
  • Address: Water Ford RD1505, PA 19067, Yardley, US
  • Mode of Payment: The medium to make payment is PayPal

Positives of Zerlos:

  • The rhinestones are available in many colors, types, and designs.
  • The stones are gleaming and glittery to enhance the decorations.
  • The company has a 30-day return policy for all stones.
  • All the essential details are there on the website.
  • The website has its newsletter, and you can subscribe to it for daily updates.

Negatives of Zerlos:

  • The variety is not enough to select the stones of your choice.
  • There is no mention of the stone quality on the website.  
  • The website is not present on any social media platform.

Is Zerlos Legit?

There is much need to know about the authenticity of the zerlos website, as many crimes cases are coming up in the United States. So, to know the facts about the site is essential. 

Zerlos Reviews researched and came to know that the Zerlos website domain is only 15 days old, and the website is not trustworthy if the area is too young. Also, there is no platform over the internet apart from the site where we can find Zerlos. 

So, if anyone asks you that Is Zerlos Legit, then you know what to answer. The answer is a definite no. Do not trust this website.

What do customers want to say about Zerlos?

Zerlos Reviews did a study to know who the customers of Zerlos and are happy with the products. In return, we came to understand that the website is a scam and does not have any real customers.  

Any website whose domain is too young and does not have customer reviews signs that it is a scam and does not deliver the products. So, stay away from Zerlos.

Final Verdict:

At the start of this article, there were many questions like Is Zerlos Legit or not, and What is the guarantee that the website is real. Now we have answered all these questions, and the answer is no the site is not legit and is a fraud to loot the buyers and steal their details. 

Do not buy anything from Zerlos. And, readers can leave their comments in the box below.

0 thoughts on “Zerlos Reviews (July 2020) Is This A Scam Website?

  1. Scam company. Avoid! Ordered two items from them using the PayPal option. Did not get an email confirmation until the next morning and the PayPal charge was through an Edwin Ramos at fuogterbi@gmx.com for ” Tuition and Fees ” under the PayPal option. I called the number to the company and it was an uncorking number.

  2. Scam Company!!!!! They say they’re out of PA but it is really China. Someone in Pasadena, TX is the receiving items that you have ordered.

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