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Zesty Wordle {April 2022} Wordle Answer For 28 April!

Zesty Wordle has shared hints and solutions for puzzle no 313 with ways to solve the tough word game.  

Are you a word game lover trying to solve a daily Wordle puzzle? Puzzle hints and solutions are always handy in these cases as they help crack the puzzle in fewer attempts. Some of the word puzzles have made the best players Worldwide look for hints. 

So don’t think that you are alone in needing help to solve the daily quest. Hints and solutions also help players start the game with the best word for solving the game. Zesty Wordle has some interesting hints and solutions for today’s Wordle.

Is Zesty a new Game or Wordle Solution?

The zesty word is one of the top search words on different search engines as people use this word to find different solutions. Some people searched this term intending to find a new game, while others looked for a solution for their daily Wordle.

Wordle has become routine for many players as it helps them relax a little by breaking their monotonous routine. During our internet research on this word, we found that this is not any game but a solution for 28th April Wordle.

Zesty Wordle: Hints

The hints for the puzzle show the correct path to the players and limit their search for the word. These hints also offer ways to approach the new Wordle game in a way that helps solve the puzzle in a lesser attempt.

Puzzle number 313 is a little tougher as the Wordle bot says players are taking 4.5 average attempts to solve this puzzle. Some hints for word game 313 are mentioned below.

  • It has one vowel and four consonants.
  • It ends with the letter Y
  • No letter in today’s word is repeated.
  • The starting letter for puzzle 313 is uncommon.
  • It is also used to describe Salsa.

Zesty Wordle believes that the puzzle of 28th April is the toughest word game in a week.

Solution for Wordle no 313:

The word that Wordle has accepted as a solution for today’s puzzle is not common. As mentioned above, the starting letter that is important for solving any puzzle is not common. The starting word for today’s solution is Z.

Z has been the starting letter for only three Wordle solutions till now. Today’s solution ranks at 28061 on the word and phrase list of common words. ZESTY is the solution for 28th April Wordle, and it is not a common word.

Zesty Wordle: Solving Steps

Players should follow the steps mentioned below to solve their daily word game. It will allow them to solve the puzzle in less time.

  • Use the best Wordle Start words.
  • Analyze the Wordle solution until now and list the most common words.
  • ROATE, RAISE, and SOARE could be the best start word to solve the Wordle puzzle.
  • Try to have a Vowel in your second attempt while solving the puzzle.

Players should do little research on the Wordle solution and make a word bank for solving it quickly. 


Each player has their way of solving the puzzle, but they can solve Zesty Wordle in a lesser attempt by using certain methods. Therefore Zesty is no game but the solution for word game number 313.

Word game lovers can share their thoughts on different puzzle games in the comment section.

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