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Zimpression Reviews [April] – Is It A Scam Website?

Zimpression Reviews [April] – Is It A Scam Website? >> Think before order and read reviews! Those who are interested in being safe from scam, should read our review post. Firstly, one should be well aware of ecommerce website then one should go for order.

Online shopping is unprecedented contrasted with different access that we have; it is a very favorable other option. Online shopping saves time and allows us to pick the thing among more alternatives. It isn’t yet; the online store gives different sorts of offers and refunds that, as a general rule, the retailer doesn’t provide. 

There are heaps of style stores yet envision a situation where you need only the latest draftsman configuration store? By then, you can visit zimpression.com, where you will get a chance to buy the latest wears. The website is not from the United States is a Chinese online store.

These days, it is elementary to purchase the item from wherever from any electronic contraption, and the parcel of the product will be passed on at your home. All of these choices are possible through the web, through the internet you can do lots of activities like in preparing, style, articulations, and purchasing the e-book. 

The most critical center that every buyer must notice is that they should purchase a thing just from a known site. The fake website will offer you more to attract, yet this may be one of the keys to deceive you. At present, we will look at and clear all the chaos about zimpression reviews

There are lots of customers who want to know about is zimpression legit, zimpression website review, what is zimpression and whether zimpression website scam or not.

What is zimpression?

Zimpression is an online fashion store which sells fashion products like winter wears, tops, designer jackets, sweaters, and many more items. It is a Chinese online shopping store offering various discounts and offers. A flat 20% discount is available on all products. You can also apply zimpression coupon code for extra discount at the time of final billing.

Currently, they are offering a sale in which you can buy Outerwear, Tops, Sweaters, Shoes, Jewelry, and Bottoms. They have other section where they have Jewelry, Sunglasses, Hats, Scarves, Legwear, Belts, Hair Accessories, Tech Accessories, Home Lifestyle, and Beauty products. The company claim that they sell branded products at a low price.

At the time return, the item should be in resell condition; any used, washed, or damaged items won’t be thought of. In our assessment of zimpression com reviews, we found that there is a great deal of confusion about the site. It is a Chinese website, so you have to send the product back to China in case of an exchange. 

Zimpression website review about the site is found negative. Sending back to China for exchange will cost you the shipping charge. The company will not bear the cost of shipping at the time of return or exchange.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of zimpression.com)

Pros of zimpression.com

  • The company is offering a flat discount of up to 40%
  • You can also use the impression discount code for extra offers. 
  • They have wide arrangements of products like rings, wristbands, necklaces, style wears, and significantly more things. 
  • You can ask for an exchange in case you have to; the site is giving 30 days of return time 
  • On the remote possibility that you found any piece is missing or hurt, you can take a review of the thing and send it with the item. You will get the exchanging of the thing 
  • The site is one-stop for all your style needs since they sell garments, architect tops, and bottoms, and frill for ladies.

Cons of zimpression.com

  • Zimpression.com is missing and not available on any social media platform; nowadays, web-based life is the most direct way to deal with showing up at any client.
  • The site is new, and zimpression reviews by the client is discovered negative 
  • zimpression website reviews are limited, so it isn’t all in all right to remark it fake, anyway as shown by the investigation of another site, the site has found a stunt.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • During the exchange, the customer will have to pay the return ship fee
  • Refund will be credited to the client budgetary parity inside 30 days 
  • The returned thing ought to be unused and in an extraordinary condition 
  • You can reestablish the item if it found mischief or any piece is missing. 
  • The client will get 30 days to exchange


Zimpression reviews by the clients are not found positive. We gave our unprejudiced survey. In this manner, it is up to you whether you need to buy from this site or not. We in no mean advertising or defaming the website.

0 thoughts on “Zimpression Reviews [April] – Is It A Scam Website?

  1. Do not order. Website will not send you any confirmation after purchase. Seller will send paypal a tracking number that just contains the city delivered to. This is a tracking number with just your city of delivery. Parcel services will not provide any further information as it is protected. The tracking number had a parcel weight not anywhere close to the purchase item, item purchased was 8 lbs and parcel weight was 0.1 lbs. Attempted dispute through paypal now. Response from zimpression rep was just the confirmation number. I will do all that I can to ensure paypal doesn’t continue to do business with this fraudulent entity.

  2. Same thing happened to me. The tracking number was for UPS which showed it had been delivered …it was not. Called UPS to find out the origin of the package
    they said it was shipped from Amazon although it was order on zimpression. My shipping weight also didnt correspond to what was ordered. Paypal is no help
    since UPS said it was delivered.
    I brought something on this website because they take PAYPAL by the time I paid and checked my email I saw the were in CHINA…..and UPS says they delivered that package in 2 days

  3. I concur with the above comments. I am filling a complaint with PayPal as well. This just happened to me this Friday. I’m trying to get my money back. Having no assistance from my bank with all the overwhelming calls due to the pandemic. However, I’m still trying with PayPal. DO NOT USE THIS WEBSITE.

  4. Stay away ….outright thieves ….currently in dispute with paypal …no response to email ….phone number on site not working.
    site is no longer working

  5. HORRIBLE WEBSITE! Ordered an inflatable hot tub and over a month later we received a “package” of a small bag that only had a small PIECE OF CARDBOARD in it!!!! I’m assuming they do that to be able to get a shipping label made. SUCH A RIP OFF! Having horrible experience with PayPal’s customer service via messages. Phone customer service isn’t open. Such a pain. Do NOT buy anything from this website. And if you already have, I hope you don’t receive the same sketchy piece of cardboard sent in the mail. Ridiculous.

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