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Zitkala-sa Son (Feb 2021) – Let Us Know More Here!

Zitkala-sa Son (Feb 2021) – Let Us Know More Here! >> This post gives you details about a female activist, writer and a related Google doodle.

Zitkala-sa Son refers to the search query about the family of famous native American activist, Zitkala-sa. She’s known for her writing, political work, and other things. She’s quite famous and successful as an activist and writer. Please keep reading to learn more and get all the relevant information about this writer and the trendy search query.

If you’re interested in knowing more about this activist and her family, including her son, please stay tuned with this article. We’ll reveal all the crucial details along with other related information. This term is gaining traction primarily in the United States.

About Zitkala-sa Son

As evident from the term itself, it refers to the son of a famous activist, Zitkala-sa. His name is Raymond Ohiya Bonnin. Additional information about him is unavailable. Queries related to this activist and writer have become trendy.

Life Summary of Zitkala-sa

  • She was born on the 22nd of February in 1876 and was raised by her mother after her father left.
  • Not much information is present about her father, who’s assumed to be an Anglo American.
  • She attended White’s Indiana Manual Labor Institute boarding school in the United States.
  • She was forced to pray as a Quaker and have her hair cut at the school she later wrote about in her stories and referred to them as ordeals.
  • Zitkala-sa Son refers to her son, whom we’ll get to shortly.
  • She wasn’t allowed to speak her native tongue at the school, which she left in 1887.
  • She was given the name “Gertrude Simmons” at this school which she described as both a painful and joyful experience.
  • The literary translation of her original name is “Red Bird.”
  • She was inclined towards the betterment and celebration of her ethnicity and heritage and used arts as a medium.
  • She is among the well-known advocates for the native people who faced discrimination at the time.
  • She worked for the US Bureau of Indian Affairs and later started to teach in a school before ultimately moving to Washington DC.
  • She was married and gave birth to a son. 
  • Her death came in 1938 on the 26th of January.
  • Zitkala-sa Son is named Raymond Ohiya Bonnin.

Why is this Term Trending?

  • This term is trending because Google put up a doodle in honor of Zitkala-sa.
  • Users have been searching about her ever since.
  • Google honored this writer via a doodle on her 145th birthday.
  • She’s known for her work as a writer, educator, political activist, translator, musician, among others.
  • Google also thanked her for her efforts for the rights of native people.
  • Her doodle was designed by Chris Pappan, who’s also of Indian-American heritage.

Final Verdict

Google recently put up a doodle in memory of the activist, writer, and musician, Zitkala-sa and Zitkala-sa Son have become trendy ever since. All the other related information is given above. 

Do you think she was among the most influential and impactful writers of her time? Do you think Google did the right thing by putting up a doodle in her memory? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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