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Ziwins Reviews (Aug 2021) Is This Site Legit Or Scam?

Ziwins Reviews (Aug 2021) Is This Site Legit Or Scam? >> This article talks about every particular detail related to the new e-commerce site, and whether it would be authentic to shop or not.

Are you interested in shopping from the Ziwins website? Do you want to know if it would be worth your time? Then, read below to know more.

Ziwins is an online portal that deals in all utility items, home appliances and recreational items like Blackstone burner 36″ cooking station etc., in the United StatesThey provide you with comfortable yet very randomly organized items. The Ziwins Reviews researched all the prerequisites on the site for you below.

Who is Ziwins?

Ziwins is a kind of site that has a random collection of home appliances with utility items too. It is launched in the United States not too long ago. Again, you will find a randomized collection of products that may charm you into buying those products for your place as well. They aim to give the best online shopping experience from the comfort of your own houses.

The site has a variety of products for the buyers to choose from that are mentioned below in the Ziwins Reviews:

  • Ultimate Mechanic Chair
  • Blackstone 4-burner 36″ Griddle cooking station
  • Aluminum Telescopic ladder
  • Face transforming LED mask.
  • Bluetooth wireless motorcycle speakers

They also have some Clothing products like Women Knee-length dresses, messy hair bun scrunchie, waist leggings etc. So, before shopping, make sure to read this review till the end.

Characteristics by Ziwins 

  • The official website is https://www.ziwins.com/The website is operated by citylisa.
  • Email: ovichaservice@outlook.com
  • Company name: Middle Bridge Ltd.
  • Company address: 1010, Cambourne Business Park, Cambridge, CB22 6DP, United Kingdom
  • There is no contact no.
  • Ziwins Reviewsnot found on the website
  • Payment is secured by PayPal, VISA, AM-EX, Master card
  • Offers: Buy 2 get 5% off, Buy 3 get 15% off, Buy 4, get 20% off.
  • Shipping Policy: All items shipped within 1-3 days upon receipt of payment (except Weekends). Free shipping above 49$,
  • Every week has five business days
  • 7-15 business days to USA, Ship.
  • 14-22 business days to Canada, Australia, UK.
  • 18-25 business days to Greece, Spain, Poland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Malta, 
  • Cancellation is only allowed before the item is shipped with a full refund.
  • Return Policy: Return initiates within a 14 day period. A refund, similarly, is initiated within a couple of days but only after a return.

To know Is Ziwins Legit? Let us find its pros and cons

Pros of Ziwins

  • It is HTTPS secured.
  • The site has a return policy as well as a refund policy.
  • Company address is given.
  • There is free shipping of over 49$.
  • There are multiple offers.

Drawbacks of Ziwins

  • The site has no contact number whatsoever. Only an email Id and address has been mentioned.
  • Even on other search engines, they mostly have negative reviews for the site.
  • Trust Score: 2% score; hence, the site is untrustworthy.
  • They have no social media presence.
  • Unusually sorted content, i.e. there are no categories to a product. The products are arranged haphazardly.

Is Ziwins Legit?

This site is five months and 21 days old and was created on 22-02-2021 and will be expired on 22-02-2022

  • The website has no official social media presence.
  • The trust score is 2%, hence a very low score.
  • Contact number is absent from the site besides an email and a physical address.
  • There are no customer reviews.
  • The design structure of the content is confusing and disorganized. 

Hence, this site seems suspicious. And we recommend you choose another shopping portal for a great shopping experience. For better clarification, let us know the customer’s feedback on the site. 

Ziwins Reviews

The products seem to have no customer reviews and no social media presence. Their marketing strategy is distrustful. In fact, their authenticity is sketchy since their trust score is at a low percent. Therefore, you are solely responsible for shopping on this site.

Besides, we recommend you check the authenticity of the site personally because most fraudulent sites are active just to steal money from your credit card and sometimes your personal data as well. If you are ever trapped in a Credit card scam, check this link.  

So, our Ziwins Reviews concludes that the site should not be trusted since the site is new and their information seems unauthentic. It means you cannot trust the site. In addition, they have no social media presence and no customer reviews, which do not help the site at all.

What’s your call on this? We recommend you stop checking such scam sites just for the sake of saving few dollars. If you do not know how to find a genuine website, check this.  

Do you have any questions for us? Share your queries in the given comment box. How to protect yourself from a scam

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