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Zoecoral.com en Vivo {May} Read Every Details Here!

The article Zoecoral.com en Vivo provides information about the live stream show and its restoration works towards the mother earth.

Do you love to see colorful and mesmerizing coral reefs in the ocean? Have you ever heard of man-made coral reefs? Otherwise, this article is for all coral lovers. Zooecorals is like a pressure group in Mexico, where they have developed living corals as sculptures in the ocean. Here is the article which covers the interesting facts about Zoecoral.com en Vivo.

Corals in liveshow

The Zoecorals community is a group of environmentalists working for the rejuvenation of corals. Because due to global warming and climate change, corals are now on the verge of extinction. And as a part of that initiative, they usually post many live stream shows, and recently they launched a live stream show on May 17, 2022, 7.30 pm on YouTube. 

The live stream show focuses on creating a DNA-inspired marine ecosystem for the coral reefs at the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, Cozumel. The reef was blemished by cyclones and manmade activities, so they have reconstructed the nature, which will be aired on their living sea sculpture channel.

Zoecoral. Com specifics

The term “Zoe” means life, so this community was created in memory of a young girl who had lost her life to carbon monoxide gas. So, they have created this website to save Mother Nature, highlighting the ill effects of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide on the earth. 

An underwater sculpting artist, Mr Colleen Flanigan, has joined this initiative to restore the lives of underwater organisms. However, they are now primarily focused on coral reef restoration. This website provides information about the corals ‘ restoration works because corals are on the verge of extinction due to rising salinity and ph levels in seawater.

The zeocorals show

The zeocorals website Zoecoral.com en Vivo has a YouTube channel named “Living Sea Sculptures”, where they post many live stream coral-shows regarding the rejuvenation of coral reefs in Cozumel, Mexico.

Previously, that location was known for having the richest biodiversity, due to climate change and man-made pollution; they have lost their identity, and the coral population has become extremely dangerous. So, Colleen F. developed a living sculpture. He transformed a bunch of steel into a marine system for corals. And a live stream show displays the work and restoration efforts made for the corals.

Zeocoral Credibility Assessment

Though Zoecoral.com en Vivo focuses on live streaming shows and works for the environment, they collect personal information for volunteering and petition purposes, so it is necessary to test its legitimacy.

  • The Zeo community has gained supporters on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • They have partnered with organizations like Vesper, Bertha, and Scintilla.
  • Live stream shows focus on the rejuvenation work for corals as they claimed; they haven’t deviated from their niche.
  • The domain was registered 7 years ago.

From the above points, the zeo coral community seems like a legitimate one.


As a result, the article Zoecoral.com en Vivo provided information about the burgeoning environmentalist community and their efforts to help Mother Nature. They wisely chose to protect corals because they protect coastal areas from larger waves and act as carbon sequesters. Coral Reefs protect the earth, and the zeo coral team directly protects the corals.

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