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Zofia Weigl Alive (Sep 2021) Decoding The Truth Here!

The guide shares details to help readers know whether Zofia Weigl Alive or dead and her contribution to the Typhus vaccine.    

Rudolf Weigl, the inventor of Typhus Vaccine, has been honored recently by Google Doodle to celebrate his 138th birthday anniversary. He invented a crucial vaccine, for which he has been nominated for Nobel Prize in Medicine between 1930 and 1934 and again in 1936 and 1939.

After his death, the vaccine inventor left behind a prosperous legacy for his kids and Zofia Weigl. After seeing the Google Doodle on 2nd Sept 2021, many users in the United States and India started searching online to know whether Zofia Weigl Alive or dead.       

Who is Zofia Weigl?

Zofia Weigl was the wife of the famous Typhus vaccine inventor Rudolf Weigl. She was a Polish biologist, inventor, and physician. She was born in 1885 to the attorney family of Marta and Wiktor Kulikowshi and had three siblings name Stefania, Helena, and Wanda.

She has done her schooling at Girl’s Gymnasium in Lviv and completed her graduation in biology from the University of Lviv. In 1912, she was appointed as a teacher at the four-class folk school located in Toszniow.

Later she secured the doctorate in Biology and started serving as an associated professor in the university.   

Is Zofia Weigl Alive or Dead?

In 1921, Zofia Weigl got married to Rudolf Weigl and started contributing to her husband’s scientific research. She served as the closest associate in the research institution where the vaccine was researched and prepared. 

She lived in Lviv with her kids and family. She died back in 1940. But it is found that after her expiration, Rudolf married his assistant, Anna Herzing. So, it is clear from the findings that Zofia Weigl is dead and not alive. 

So, the answer to your question is Zofia Weigl Alive or dead is that she already expired in 1940. 

About Zofia Weigl Kids and Residence

Zofia Weigl and Rudolf Weigl had two daughters and a son called Wiktor Weigl. Her daughter Krystyna Weigl-Albert is serving as a psychologist presently. 

The family lived at their residence located at 4 Wagilewicza Street in Lviv with their kids. However, it is not clear which month she died except the year 1940. But after she died, her husband married his assistant, which confirms that she is not alive. So, the query is Zofia Weigl Alive or dead has been answered.  

What Was her Contribution to Typhus Vaccine Invention?

Zofia and Rudolf Weigl worked at the institute as associates before getting married in 1921. She contributed to her husband’s research and became the closest associate in the institution where the vaccine was prepared. 

She assisted her husband in developing the famous Typhus Vaccine, for which he has been nominated for Nobel Prize in Medicine between 1930 and 1934 and again between 1936 and 1939. 


Zofia Weigl assisted her husband in researching the Typhus vaccine, and now many users are searching online to know if Zofia Weigl Alive or dead. She died in 1940. But the exact date and month of her death are not precise. 

She is in the news after her husband, Rudolf Weigl, was honored in Google Doodle on his 138th birthday for his contribution to medical science. 

Do you have anything to add about Zofia Weigl? Then, please write it down in the comment section.

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