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Zone Anka Original (Mar) The Reason For Its Popularity!

This guide below will give you the details of the animated female cat along with the trending Zone Anka Original video. Know the reason why it’s trending.

Are you guys curious to find out the most trending video of a cat Ankha? Do you want to know the reason behind its immense popularity?

Recently, the internet has been flooded with the viral video of Ankha. Here we will share the details of the Zone Anka Original video as it has already hit millions and billions of views Worldwide.

Continue reading to collect more information about the trending Video of Ankha.

Who is Ankha?

Ankha is an animated female cat who has got an arrogant character. She appears Animal Crossing game series, and the meaning of her name is the Nile which comes from the river Nile. Based on an Egyptian theme, she subsequently named it after the African river Nile where many Egyptians settled. 

Ankha can be seen as an Islander within the Animal Crossing, Animal Forest +, and Pocket Camp games. Presently the Zone Anka Original Video Twitter is trending all over the internet. To know more about this video, keep reading till the end.

Appearance of Ankha

Ankha is created based on an Egyptian theme; hence Ankha wears navy blue eyeliner like the Egyptians used to wear during the ancient times. She has yellow fur and blue stripes and carries an Egyptian headgear with a cobra known as the Uraeus that looks like the Nemes crown. 

Her whole attire reassembles the Kingship attire of ancient Egypt. Ankha plays the role of an arrogant and rude cat. She loves to do make-up and gossiping about the villagers. She will appear as a rude cat at first to the players.

Details on Zone Anka Original video

In the video, the cat Ankha is shown to dance weirdly or with a different style. Also, the Egyptian background music has captured a lot of attention, and many viewers have given appraisal for the same. Overall, Ankha looks adorable in the video, which is quite hard to resist. She is dancing in an Egyptian style.

Who is the founder of this video?

According to various sources, a Youtuber Zone is alleged to create this Video video. Zone has over 187,000+ followers on Twitter and an overall 531,000 Subscribers on YouTube. Further Zone is said to be a legend of the NSFW community and belongs to California.

The reason behind the immense popularity of Zone Anka Original Video Twitter

The Zone Ankha video has become the talk of the town nowadays, and it’s a core subject of discussion from the day it’s available on the internet. The viewers enjoy the strange dancing style of the Egyptian cat. Also, the music on which the cat is dancing in the Video took all the attention. People are simply enjoying the cat’s dancing moves along with the music. Simply the adorable cats dancing style made it a trending video. People are completely blown away by the Ankha cat dancing moves.


Specifically, the whole Zone Anka Original video has got immense popularity due to the strange dancing moves present on the video and the background music on which the cat was dancing. Also, the Ankha cat is completely dressed up as an ancient Egyptian kingship, making her look more adorable and eye-catching in the video.

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