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Zuxxus Scam (Nov 2021) Let Us Check The Review Here!

This article will help you in finding out about the Zuxxus Scam, the site that sells teaware.

Are you a tea lover and planning to order some high-quality tea from an online site? If yes, then you are most welcome in this blog post.

Today, we have decided to expose one online website that claims to offer high-quality tea and tea ware. So, don’t skip and keep on reading. Moreover, the e-store that we are reviewing today is Zuxxus.  People will find multiple items on the website such as teacups, tea sets, pots, etc. 

But, as per the United States search results, people are browsing is Zuxxus Scam or legit so, let’s read further to find out. 

Is Zuxxus Legit?

Under this segment, people will get to know that whether the Zuxxus store is reliable or not. Like these days, there are countless fraud websites registered on the internet that steals information from the legit store to bring about their scamming intentions. Due to this reason, it is always suggested to evaluate the authenticity of the website.

Here we have mentioned some reliability judgment criteria, so please have a look.

  • Domain creation date- the website’s domain name was created recently on 22/10/2021, which makes it only a month old. 
  • Domain expiration date- The website’s domain name will expire on 22/10/2022.
  • Content quality- the website contains poor quality content.
  • Shopper’s reviews- there are no shopper’s Zuxxus Reviews found on the website as well as on the external portals such as Trustpilot or any other reviewing platform.
  • Social media links- the website does not hold any social media icons, and there are no social media pages on any platform. 
  • Alexa rank- There are no Alexa rank results found on the internet. 
  • Trust index- the website’s trust index rank is 42.9%.
  • Trust score- the website’s trust score is 1%.
  • Address originality- the website does not contain a valid office location. 
  • Discount offers- the website does not have sale or discount offers on it. 
  • Owner’s information- there is nothing mentioned about the company founders.

Consequently, the pointers mentioned above have clarified that the website is not entirely trustable. So, if you are still interested and a bit curious to learn about is Zuxxus Scam or legit, then read further.

What is Zuxxus?

According to Zuxxus’s introduction page, it is a luxurious tea marketplace where shoppers can find different tea and tea wares, including teapots, teacups and tea wallets, etc. But, only limited products are available on the website, and none of the items holds a catchy description under it. 

However, the e-store also seems poorly designed and unorganized. Moreover, the product prices are also low that raises some doubts in our heads. 

Let’s check out further in this Zuxxus Scam post.

What are the specifications of Zuxxus?

  • Website link- https://zuxxus.com/
  • Domain creation date-22/10/2021
  • Email address- Support@zuxxus.com
  • Contact number- 1(361) 423-0513
  • Company address- 1004 Nimbus Drive, TX, 78526, US 
  • Payment method- PayPal 
  • Shipping period- under 3-4 working days 
  • Shipping cost- Free delivery for UK
  • Return policy- 30 days return policy 
  • Refund validity- not mentioned 
  • Social media links- not provided 
  • Newsletter-  Available

Before reaching any decision must read the customer reviews mentioned under this Zuxxus Scam post.

What are the fair points of Zuxxus?

  • It is HTTPS protected.
  • The site delivers throughout the United States and several other parts of the world.
  • The website has free delivery throughout the UK.

What are the unfair points of Zuxxus?

  • It is not having any social media links on it.
  • There are no shopper reviews specified on the website.
  • The site holds poor looking user interface.
  • It holds limited items on it.

What are the shoppers’ Zuxxus Reviews?

Unfortunately, there is no shopper’s feedback uploaded on the official website. Neither any customer reviews mentioned on any other feedback portals nor anything found from a social networking site.

Hence, the website has not received any remarks from its customers yet.

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The Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Zuxxus store is recently founded, so we need to wait before placing our order for any of its teapots and teaware

Furthermore, we have enclosed all the information that we have found during our research in this Zuxxus Scam post to help the readers make wise decisions. In case if somebody has lost their money on any e-portal via credit card, then read here.

What do you have to say about the Zuxxus store? Kindly post your reviews below.

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