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DodBuzz is a platform where the readers can get honest and unbiased reviews of software, products, and services. The reviews also help the vendors or product/service providers to gain market credibility of their services or products. In short, DodBuzz is an online platform where writers, vendors, and readers get equal opportunities to put forth their unmanipulated opinions. 

We are also inviting business owners or vendors to advertise their products or services on our platform. In this manner, they and we get affiliate links through which they will earn significant sales, and we make a sales commission. However, we will detail the benefits of advertising websites, products, services, etc., on our website. 

How will advertising help on DodBuzz?

DodBuzz has more than 2530000 daily visitors who read our published reviews and later, purchase products according to the feedback. When the vendors or business owners contact us to advertise their services or products on our website, they get the opportunity to interact with our daily visitors or readers directly. Your advertisement can be published on sponsored articles, banner ads, homepage ads, and similar sections. 

However, we always wish to post advertisements concerning services or products that are useful for consumers or buyers. If the services or products do not meet the quality and design parameters, we will not advertise them on our website. Since we are here for our readers, we always try to meet their expectations on all grounds without concerning over the earning. 

Besides, our published or sponsored advertisements always fulfil the Google and regulatory board guidelines. When the vendors or business owners advertise their services or products on our site, they will benefit from our daily audience. You can check the latest statistics of our website here:

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How will the advertisements convert sales?

As mentioned earlier, we have over 2530000 daily visitors reading our reviews and browsing our website. Similarly, we also get more than 2190000 unique page views daily that will eventually change with time. The vendors or business owners can spike their sales from our website when they contact us to publish their advertisements. Our site’s bounce rate is also 85.95% that is remarkable over the other reviewing websites. 

Moreover, we adhere to strict guidelines to rank our reviews, advertisements, and other segments for a compelling call-to-action aspect. Our growth is tremendous since we are continually growing in the online world. We heartedly thank our daily visitors for supporting us on all grounds to stay on the top. 

How to contact us?

Now if you are ready to spike your goodwill and sales, you can contact us at advertisement.dodbuzz@gmail.com. Our experts will assist you in publishing your advertisements on different sections of the website. Besides, they will analyze your ads on strict google guidelines to not be biased or irrelevant for our daily visitors. Now get the opportunity to get a bulk audience on your website or orders on your products/services by advertising with us!