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Review Guidelines

DodBuzz website is reputed for publishing reviews on technologies, software, products, or services. It has a pool of hired writers yet give a secure platform to freelancers. You can read the “WRITE FOR US” section to understand how we accept the content and how writers are paid. Before reading the review guidelines; you read the “write for us” section and the elaborated content guidelines. 

We Want You to be heard!

DodBuzz wants readers to get truthful information they require to make wise buying choices. We want to get your assistance in doing that. As a customer or writer, you can submit video or written reviews for “n” products, services, websites, or technologies. We support you in sharing both unfavorable and favorable opinions.

Reviews assume an imperative role in educating potential buyers by sharing honest opinions. They help the customers make an informed, smart decision yet offer valuable insight and feedback to the vendors about their products or services. We take all reviews seriously and concentrate on creating DodBuzz a helpful website while maintaining high-quality. We publish relevant review content by verified writers that submit conflict-free opinions. 

As a website representative, we post content drafted by our community users. We never endorse opinions that are expressed by vendor management or reviews in response to published reviews. We also identify the community guidelines for:

  • The site’s users
  • Review writers
  • The vendors that are reviewed or listed on the site. 

What all we Review on DodBuzz.Com?

We welcome honest, unbiased, and non-conflicted reviews on websites, software, products, or services. We are focused on being a web portal for high-quality and impartial reviews. Besides, we adhere to strict quality assurance policy to accomplish the set goals. The analysts vigorously inspect the reviews to ensure that the posted reviews provide helpful content and come from certified sources. Moreover, the submitted reviews are treated equivalent during the entire verification procedure, regardless of vendor or rating. 

There are some critical steps that our analysts use for the review verification:

  • Identity check: The analysts inspect the job title, email address, name, and other details to guarantee that a legit person submits the review. If the details are bogus, the post will get rejected.
  • Conflicted Interest Check: Every submitted review is checked on its eligible quality checks. When the review does not qualify with our quality standards, it will be rejected right away!
  • Content Check: The content of any review should not be biased or promotional. It should content honest and plagiarized information to inform the readers. If the quality and concept do not fulfil our set standards, we never publish it on the website.
  • Hateful, violent, and inappropriate language:  If we find any obscene or profane language in content, we report it under discriminatory or bullying protocols before rejecting it. 
  • Spam Content: We reject a content based on self-promotion, nonsensical or spam information.
  • Duplicate Reviews: If a particular topic, product, technology, or service is reviewed on our website, we do not accept similar reviews from the writers.

How To write an excellent review Post?

The reviews posted on DodBuzz website help shoppers to select a technology, product, or service that ideal fulfils their needs. The writers must consider the below-listed tips when they decide to submit a post to us:

  • Be Objective: Your post must have the pros and cons of a product, software, or service to allow buyers to make an informed decision. 
  • Be readable: Your content must include easy to understand language, proper grammar and correct spellings. 
  • Be Recent: Your review must be based on the latest services, products, or technologies. 
  • Be Relevant: Your review must share a direct experience instead of off-topic opinions or discussions. 
  • Be specific: Instead of explaining that you like the service or products, please use informative points to share experiences and features.

Does DodBuzz.com Remove Reviews? 

Yes, DodBuzz has the authority to remove or delete the reviews posted by writers. A review must adhere to the set of guidelines and standards. You can read the above-listed sections to understand what we expect in terms of a review and its language among the set guideline aspects. 

Specific Declaration

The sole motive of DodBuzz is to publish unbiased, right, informative, and unplagiarized reviews for the readers. We are growing in this evolving field for years. We understand that accurate information cannot be provided in a review, yet we try to make it real. Our experts have strict control over unauthorized and fake reviews. 

DodBuzz can cancel a review or delete it if the writer does not fulfil the guidelines. If you want to ask something from our experts, you can reach them out at advertisement.dodbuzz@gmail.com.

DodBuzz is not accountable for refunds, returns, and other policies. We are here to give you unbiased and detailed reviews on websites, products, technologies, or services. Hence, please do not call or contact us for your product refunds, returns, exchanges, and other needs. You can directly call the company or service provider for your refunds or returns and other queries.