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2021 Store Today Reviews (Feb 2021) Authentic Or Scam?

2021 Store Today Reviews (Feb 2021) Authentic Or Scam? >> This article will help you evaluate the trustworthiness of the online store that sells multiple products on it.

Are you looking for 2021 Store Today Reviews? Let’s read about the store in detail in this review session. 

Today, we have found one online store on the internet that claims to deliver top-notch quality products Worldwide. It contains electronic items, accessories, and other products like a solar sensor, a phone holder for a car, LED touch lamps and magnetic poster frames, etc. 

In this era, you will find everything in the market that helps you make your life simple, and for this reason, 2021 Store Today has been established. Its main motive is its customer’s comfort and satisfaction. If you want to know more about the store and have any of such questions in mind, like Is 2021 Store Today Legit or not, then please read this post till the end.

What is  2021 Store Today?

 2021 Store Today is the online website that trades in multiple items like accessories, phone holders, air fryer, waterproof wallpaper, shower bracket, waterproof solar sensor, etc. The store is founded on 12th January 2021 with a motive to deliver the best after-sale service. Moreover, the store is customer-centric as it has not fixed any minimum order quantity, free or low cost transportation, direct delivery orders, etc. 

Besides this, the 2021 Store Today store is only a few days old and has the motive to spread its reach Worldwide. Its best-sellers collection includes LED touch lamps, cup phone holder, magnetic phone holder, etc. But, the prices of the products are not low. 

These days, you should not trust any unpopular or newly established e-store without verifying its authenticity because nobody is aware of the website’s actual intentions. So, let’s check out these 2021 Store Today Reviews.

What are the Specifications of 2021 Store Today?

  • Website link-https://www.2021store.today/
  • Domain creation date-12/01/2021
  • Product- multiple items 
  • Company official address- Meledo company limited, 31 Southampton Row, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC1B SHJ
  • Number of the Company: 11736866
  • Support service contact number-442035751390
  • Email address- service@mforworld.com
  • Newsletter-available 
  • Shipping charges- free shipping 
  • Shipping duration- 12-20 business days 
  • Return or exchange- within 14 business days 
  • Refund duration- within certain days 
  • Order cancellation option-available 
  • Shipment tracking facility- not available 
  • Warranty/ guaranty- not available 
  • Payment method- VISA, American Express, MasterCard, JCB, and PayPal
  • Order history- not provided 

Please stay connected to learn more about the 2021 Store Today Reviews.

What are the advantages of buying from 2021 Store Today?

  • It has specified its complete contact details.
  • It is providing 14 days return or exchange policy.
  • It is providing instant 10% off on the subscription of its newsletter.
  • You can cancel the order before shipping. 
  • It is providing a free shipping feature. 

What are the disadvantages of buying from 2021 Store Today?

  • The contact information and address specified on the website is imitative. 
  • It holds limited products.
  • The domain name of the website is only a few days old.
  • It does not have valid social media accounts.
  • We have found negative reviews from the internet.
  • The user interface of the website is very similar to the suspicious stores.

Is 2021 Store Today Legit?

2021 Store Today is the multiple products offering store that sells accessories, electronics, decorative items, etc. It claims to deliver throughout the world and have customer-centric behavior. Moreover, the store is only a few days old as it is registered on 12th January 2021 and does not any reliable information on it. 

Hence, we can’t trust it entirely. 

What are the customer’s reviews regarding 2021 Store Today?

Unfortunately, we cannot gather any user feedback from the website or its social media pages. However, there are negative 2021 Store Today Reviews published on the online sources where customers posted unsatisfactory statements. Some of the users have tried this website and they are waiting for their orders. But there are no comments available on the after-sale usage of the website. 

Thus, we have found unsatisfactory user feedback regarding the website. 

Bottom Line

According to our perspective, the website does not hold any critical information to prove its legitimacy. The feedback we have found from the online sources is also contradictory. Correspondingly, the site is only a few days old, so it is too early to judge its reliability. But still, we advise our readers to cross-check every point before sharing their card details on the website. 

It’s better to evaluate everything on your own as these days you can’t rely on any of the recently established stores, and we have mentioned all the suspicious pointers for this website.

Have you bought anything from here? If you have any queries and questions or your experience to share, you can post them in the 2021 Store Today Reviews comments section.

0 thoughts on “2021 Store Today Reviews (Feb 2021) Authentic Or Scam?

  1. I made a purchase from this store based on a Facebook ad. I thought I saw free shipping, but in my haste to check out, I somehow accrued at 12.99 ‘express shipping’ fee (undefined). OK, I’ll assume ‘my bad’ for not being more careful, and the total price was still appeared to be a very good value. Now 7 days later, and still no product (hmmm… express). My email receipt contains a tracking number and a suggestion to ‘Track Below’, however, the Carrier listed is ‘Other’. Clicking the Track button just shows status as ‘ All Shipped’. There is another button labeled ‘Confirm Reciept’ which I will not dare touch. I copied and pasted the tracking number to UPS, USPS, and FedEx tracking sites, but all say ‘unrecognized format or something of the like. I have sent an email requesting information as to the shipping carrier, but am not holding my breath. About ready to call Bull$#!T on this one, but will wait a couple more days before contacting PayPal

  2. I am trying to track my order#VWC40139 lift bed backrest scu#DE2000008BAL. I want my product or refund me now I am tired of waiting on this

  3. do not buy from 2021 store, it is a scam. i ordered the world’s first portable work station and have not received it after 19 days. and sent messages to them 3 times over the pass 5 days, and have not heard back from them.. DO NOT USE THIS STORE 2021….THEY ARE A RIP OFF.

    1. I agree I had the same exact experience. The 2021 store is a scam do not use them they take your money and don’t send the product. I have tried multiple times to contact them they keep saying the product is sent and they never send it. This website is a total fraud .

      1. It’s a fraud website. We are making a claim and opening a federal report as this company will take your money. The scam is they send you a worthless product, not what you ordered. Then they say they’ll give you a credit and you loose your product and a third of your money and they keep the rest. Don’t buy anything from them.

  4. This is a scam store. Save your money. Ad says it ships from USA. Wrong, ships from China. Takes forever to arrive. They sent the wrong item that had the same SKU number of the item I ordered. When searching the website, the item I received is not listed, neither is the item I ordered. No response from my emails. Shame on me for falling for their scam.

  5. My wife ordered the portable work station and received a toothbrush! The emails sent to the company were never answered! They only reached out to us once a grievance was filed with Paypal. Now, they are only offering a 40% refund if we send the toothbrush back to them at our own expense! Sounds fishy to me!

    1. Keep up with PayPal, they will help you get your money back. Did you keep the package that shows shipping from the US? I Sent pictures of everything to PayPal and they refunded all my money, even the package showing it was sent to me from the US. I told the shipper and PayPal that is where it came from and that is as far as I will send it back to. They didn’t want it and refunded all my money.

  6. I agree, this place is a SCAM! I’ve waited over a month for the “Portable Work Station”. They send you a tracking number – with no carrier name. I finally was able to find out that it was supposed to be delivered from China to the USPS, but the USPS tracking number they gave me just says “Pre Shipment”, meaning they got notified that it was on the way, have never received it, and I don’t think it was ever sent. Don’t deal with this scammer. I’m going through a claim process with Paypal in an attempt to get my money back.

    1. I had the same experience. I had ordered the portable desk on 1/29 and received a cheapo Mens watch from a company called “Lee, 147-03 182st, Jamaica NY”. I put a dispute on the credit charge. Shame on me for falling for this scam.

  7. Yup – I got duped too. – I ordered the portable work station and after a month+ got an electronic toothbrush. Their customer service response to my subsequent email was fast, BUT they wanted me to return the toothbrush , at my expense, with the promise they would then refund me for the shipping, and send me the desk. I doubt I would ever see either, so time to cut my losses…

  8. SCAM Totally: I did order as well the laptop table in wood, and i received i a toothbrush from a Chinese DONGSUON city. I told them to send me the right stuff or I’ll sue them, and ask PAYPAL a refund.

  9. I received watches also, waiting for a response now from them, if they don’t I used PayPal and will let them handle it. They are really good at what they do.

  10. It is a scam. I ordered a laptop holder for 19.95 and ended up paying 19 shipping and handling on top of that and after two months I received a crummy watch worth $2.00. I am trying to find out how I can report this to Facebook to prevent harm to others on Facebook.

  11. I too, ordered the laptop desk. I don’t feel quite so bad because I ordered it in January, before these other reviews! I recieved the same runaround with tracking numbers that don’t track, endless excuses, and this week, 8 weeks after the order and 29 emails back and forth, I received a $5 watch. I took photos and they denied it for a while. Now they offer 60% refund because they “know of my patience”! My email back this morning was the scratch line: “no more games about the shippers sent the wrong item, no more stupid offers of partial refund. I want what I bought, that is why I bought it. Time to come clean: Why will you not provide what you promised to provide. This behavior constitutes a breech of contract. Stop lying and provide the good you sold.” We will see what they say tonight. I’ve already filed with PayPal and, after reading this from y’all, I am sending this info to my Congressional delegation. It appears China is ratcheting up its defiance to the world; this stuff is happening in several Western countries this Spring.

  12. Same thing to me: ordered a laptop table for 30 USD and recieved a toothbrush worth 5 USD. They offered me 40% refound, which would still mean paying 20 USD for a 5 USD toothbrush I never asked for. I’m still trying to get my money back but I guess I’ll never will.

  13. It’s a fraud website. We are making a claim and opening a federal report as this company will take your money. The scam is they send you a worthless product, not what you ordered. Then they say they’ll give you a credit and you loose your product and a third of your money and they keep the rest. Don’t buy anything from them.

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