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5 Ugly Truths About Professional Resume Writing Services You Need To Know About

5 Ugly Truths About Professional Resume Writing Services You Need To Know About >> Updating your resume can be a challenging task for some, which is why resume writing services are becoming a staple for new job seekers.

They can help you put your best foot forward, landing you more callbacks and solid interviews. However, not all resume writing services are created equal. Some firms are not worth the investment and can actually cause you more problems than they are worth.

When you’re choosing the resume writing service for your next job change, you need to pick the right one. That might not always be easy. 

So, we are here to break down some ugly truths about the industry that you will need to key in on. These will help you determine whether the resume writing service you are thinking about working with will be the right fit for your next project.

Here are a few negatives to keep in mind.

Some Professional Resume Writing Serviced Don’t Actually Hire Professional Writers 

A good resume writing service will have a staff of professional resume writers with a set of impressive credentials or at least work with good independent contractors. But some less reputable firms do not do so. They work with anyone who can churn out a resume to send back to their clients.

When vetting a resume service, ask about their writers’ credentials and work experience to ensure you work with a reputable firm.

Some certifications to look for in a writing service:

  • National Resume Writer’s Association (NRWA)
  • Master Resume Writer (MRW)
  • Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW)
  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)
  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)

Quantity Over Quality Firms Exist 

Professional resume writing services understand the way to get paid is in the completion of jobs, i.e., finished resumes. A good resume writing service should focus on quality and quantity metrics to ensure that they produce enough revenue but clients are also satisfied with the standard of the work being produced.

Unfortunately, some simply try to pump out as many resumes as possible, cutting corners on the work in the process. It’s not uncommon for lower-cost providers to take this approach with their firm.

That’s why it is critical to assess the quality of work samples that a potential resume writing service produces for you. These should give you a good idea of how much they value the quality of their writing.

Some Providers Don’t Value Customer Connection 

A critical part of the resume creation process is the initial discovery phone call or email correspondence. This step is where the firm should work closely with you to understand the qualifications and skills you bring to the table but skipping this step or giving less than total effort is all too common.

Some firms don’t value this initial connection and do not establish a full client relationship with you. Even though it may allow for a faster turnaround for your resume, it will often lead to shoddier work. When evaluating potential providers, you should ask what their initial consultation process is like. That will allow you to assess their commitment to the legwork needed to create a quality resume.  

Some Resume Writing Services Create Generalized Documents

A central tenet of a good resume comes from homing in on what you bring to the table as a potential employee. This tactic will show potential employers how you are different from the competition. If you are working with a resume writing service that does not understand this and instead creates generic resume documents, you are working with the wrong provider.

Your resume should be tailored to you as an individual and should be as unique as you are. If you are working with a firm that uses generic templates, it’s time to look elsewhere. By finding the right provider, you can ensure that your resume will have a different look and feel than your peers’. That is key to standing out in the digital stack that hiring managers receive for open positions.

Not All Resume Services Have Industry Understanding

A critical part of creating a good resume is fitting the document to match the industry to which you’re applying. A good resume writing service will be able to do this for you, highlighting your relevant experience and skills that match the role you are looking to land.

However, many do not understand a wide swath of sectors and will not create an industry-specific resume for you. You must assess your potential resume writing service’s experience in dealing with diverse industries. This is a crucial competency and an area that any good firm should be able to provide despite not being something every provider can do. More established organizations that work with skilled writers should have this taken care of.


Some services are really worth it, while others are not. It’s important to do adequate research on any service you consider. Read their reviews. Are they promising or lacking? The source of these reviews matter as well. Reviews from the company website can be easily faked or altered in a way that favors the company. On the other hand, external reviews from reputable sites and sources should be weighed more heavily.

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