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6 Things You Must Know While Trying to Conceive

Have you and your partner talked about family planning? Do you wish to conceive soon and welcome a baby into your family? Then reading this blog will help you on this journey. As everyone knows, in the 21st century, many couples face problems when trying to conceive. The reasons for low fertility are lifestyle issues, diet, stress, medical problems, and more. Both parents must be in their best shape to conceive and have a healthy baby. If you want a healthy pregnancy and baby, you and your partner both need to know a few things beforehand. You must prepare before you get pregnant to ensure the baby has a healthy life. 

Are you ready to bring a healthy baby into the world? Then, read on to find out this critical information.

Ask whether you are ready to have a baby.

Sure, your parents want to see their grandchild? Of course, and there is your biological clock ticking off. But did you and your partner talk about this in detail? Did you assess your financial and living situation? What about the mental state of both of you? You need to have this conversation before you think about even trying for a baby.

Check your fertility

As mentioned above, infertility is increasing in current times. The research suggests that over 14% of couples struggle with infertility. As a result, they face issues with getting pregnant. The problem with this is that when you try conceiving without success, the advice is to wait a year to see a specialist. It means delayed treatment, leading to a delay in having a baby. It becomes a problem if you are already in your 30s. Thankfully, there are several fertility treatments available now, such as IVF, IUI, donor eggs, and more. But you should consult your doctor to understand which option is best for you. Thus, it is better to start to work on your fertility early on. It will ensure your treatment starts early on if there is an issue.

This means getting blood work and an ultrasound to ensure the reproductive system is working well for women. Also, track your menstrual cycle. All this helps the doctor diagnose if there will be any problem getting pregnant or not. For men, this means getting your sperm health checked because men can be infertile too. A semen analysis helps to understand your sperm’s health. Also, being proactive about your reproductive health means being healthy overall.

Always know there are options.

Sometimes even after trying multiple treatments, it becomes hard to conceive naturally. However, you should not lose hope and look for other solutions. IVF and surrogacy are two options that can help you bring a child into this world. At an IVF clinic, like Monash IVF, the doctor does all tests to determine the reason for infertility and explains the entire procedure after figuring that out. With IVF & surrogacy, many couples welcome babies. Also, adopting is always an option.

Eat a balanced diet

Improving your fertility is easier if you adopt a healthy lifestyle. That means eating a balanced and healthy diet. Also, working out according to your cycle for women is essential. Women’s hormones fluctuate a lot throughout the month. Thus, their exercise should match that. Men should also adopt a good workout and eating regime. Including vegetables, proteins, unsaturated fats, and whole grains in your diet are better. A healthy diet before pregnancy will allow you to conceive naturally by increasing fertility.

Have a sex schedule

A couple must get intimate every two to three days to get pregnant. Sometimes this can get stressful, especially if there are no results. The first thing to remember here is to have intercourse when women are ovulating. It increases the chances of conceiving. Women only ovulate for seven days a month. Secondly, if there is chronic stress, try to cope with it before trying for a baby. Psychological stress can lessen the chances of getting pregnant and affects your relationship with your partner.

Stop consuming alcohol

If you are actively trying for a baby, stop drinking alcohol. It can compromise fertility health in both women and men. Thus, if you are trying, you should not touch alcohol because you never know when you can get pregnant.

Bringing life into this world is a massive responsibility. Therefore, prepare your body and mind before you start trying. Also, talk to experts instead of listening to rumours about a healthy pregnancy.

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