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Amazon Fake Review {Sep} Find Out More Here

Amazon Fake Review {Sep} Find Out More Here -> Reviews are no more legitimate on online platforms in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Before buying a product, do you check its rating or reviews from the previous customers? It is a human instinct to cross-check the information before investing a single penny. Besides, Amazon Fake Review has come to our notice for which we have some doubts and clarifications. You can find the details in our well-elaborated article. 

Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are three regions where many companies affiliated with amazon have used counterfeited marketing strategy. They used it to promote their products and increase the sale value. Now, Amazon is taking action against them. Check-out more details down below!

What is Amazon Fake Review?

Amazon is among the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. Many companies and retailers associate with it to promote and sell their products. Some items are popular because of our demanding and purchasing capacity. However, some products go unnoticed by us. To bring it on our top search list, some retailers have used illicit customer reviews and ratings. 

What actions have been taken against fake reviews?

Amazon held two sessions of quality control and comment analysis. Both studies show thousands of reviews that are purposefully generated to make the products popular and reachable to us. Before taking any action against such retailers and companies, Amazon has deleted approximately ten thousand comments from its platform. 

What is the reason?

According to the new studies, it is shown that the COVID pandemic is the reason that enticed companies to generate Amazon Fake Review. Because the retailers are going in loss, they used customer feedback marketing strategy to rank their products on Amazon. 

How did it affect Amazon?

  • Manipulation: When you leave a review stating the price and delivery aspects, Amazon makes it “the best choice.” If you search for something and products show up, some of them have “Amazon’s Choice.” Therefore, unworthy products are given “choice” benefits due to fake reviews.
  • Profits: Because of Amazon Fake Review, the profits and sales volume drastically increased. However, we are duped into buying Chinese products that hardly ranked on top in the past years. For Amazon, our satisfaction is the utmost priority. However, it is hampered because of dubious reviews. 
  • Suspicious Activity: When we become a paid reviewer, we have to try the products before commenting on harmful or useful features. However, the top and professional reviewers have commented on products without using them to earn thousands of dollars.

Customer Feedback:

Like us, many users are experiencing outbursts because they have received dubious products and read Amazon Fake Review. Earlier, it was implied that some sellers are scammers. However, it is a strategy of many companies to sell their unworthy products to us. 

Final Verdict:

There is nothing much left to discuss. Besides, there are multiple fields in which Amazon ratings and operations have been hampered. Please rate our article and show your disappointment in the comment box. 

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