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Andy Warhol Gould Jon (March 2022) Recent Updates Here!

Please read this report to learn about Andy Warhol Gould Jon related to the latest docuseries on Netflix covering the diary entries of an American artist.

Do you like to find out about artists who contributed significantly to the film industry? Have you recently been following a Netflix series regarding a former celebrity? Then, please read this report to know the details. 

In this account, we have discussed the relevant incidents in the lives of two artists. People from various nations, like Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, are keen on knowing more about them. Thus, please read on to find out all about Andy Warhol Gould Jon.

Who was Andy Warhol?

Andy Warhol, born in 1928, was a renowned artist in the American film industry. He was a commercial illustrator and one of the pioneers in the American pop art initiative. He also established a studio called The Factory, where many celebrities and significant personnel visited regularly. 

Moreover, he was a film producer, director, and author. His famous illustrations include Chelsea Girls and Campbell’s Soup Cans. Recently, a Netflix series showcased the diary entries of Andy Warhol. Thus, viewers were curious about his life’s incidents and began searching Who Shot Andy Warhol to clarify their queries. 

The Netflix Docuseries

Andrew Rossi directed, and Ryan Murphy produced a recent docuseries named The Andy Warhol Diaries. The show comprises six episodes and started streaming on 9 March 2022. The plot revolves around the diary entries that Andy Warhol dictated to Pat Hackett. 

The OTT platform series covers the significant episodes in Andy Warhol’s life. Thus, people wanted to know more about this artist, his personal life, and his career after viewing the initial episodes. The docuseries also showcases the artist’s relationships with some people in the film industry. 

Andy Warhol Gould Jon

Jon Gould was an executive in the popular American film distribution company Paramount Communications. He met Andy Warhol at the age of 27 through their common friend Christopher Makos. Andy Warhol had broken up with his partner Jed Johnson and soon after this began showing his inclination towards Jon Gould. 

Jon Gould also had feelings for Andy Warhol but did not reveal it to the industry. This was because same-gender affection was a social stigma in those times. Andy Warhol also appreciated this concealment, and both secretly continued their relationship. 

Who Shot Andy Warhol

The American feminist Valerie Jean Solanas shot Andy Warhol twice on 3 June 1968 in The Factory. She wanted Andy Warhol to produce a play she wrote, but he refused to do it and misplaced the script. So, Valerie Solanas feared that he would steal her ideas without acknowledging her. Thus, she shot Andy Warhol out of apprehension, insecurity, and a schizophrenic nature due to a disturbed childhood. 

The artist suffered injuries on many parts of his body and always had to put on a surgical corset. He was also scared of going to the hospital, postponing his gall bladder treatment. 


The final days of both Andy Warhol Gould Jon were tragic. Jon Gould died of AIDS in 1986, whereas Andy Warhol had a lethal heart attack during surgery. Viewers want to know more about the personal lives of these artists through the docuseries. 

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