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Applepeek Store Reviews (Feb) Is This Offer Scam Deal?

Applepeek Store Reviews (Feb) Is This Offer Scam Deal? >> In this review, we will discuss an online store that sells Apple products at meagre cost, and we will inform you about its authenticity.

Are you also an Apple fan and want to buy one of their products? In this Applepeek Store Reviewsyou will know about an online store that sells apple appliances for a very affordable price. We will share our research and experience related to this online store on this review so you get to know about this online store. 

The online shopping platform is known as Applepeek Store. There are tons of scam websites and applications that are using the online store as their medium. Further, we will talk about every aspect that you should know about this online store. This Applepeek store is getting famous in the United States and many other countries.

Let us know more about this online store and its authenticity further in this review.

What is Applepeek Store?

Considering the Applepeek Store Reviews, Applepeek Store is an online shopping platform that sells different varieties and categories of products. It sells products like all kinds of apple appliances, clothing, GPS watches technology and more. All those products come at unbelievably low cost. 

You probably won’t get this kind of offers in any other online shopping platforms, and you also get free shipping on all products today. You can change the currency as per your country while shopping from the option given below. 

Almost all products available in this online store are under $100 for every iPhone merchandise including enormous discounts. Let’s discuss its specifications and pros and cons further in this Applepeek Store Reviews.


  • URL: https://www.applepeek.store/
  • Email: support@applecity.store
  • Address: Houston, Texas, the United States.
  • Contact number: Not mentioned in the online store.
  • Domain age: The website was created on 30th December 2020. So, the domain age of the website is one month and two days.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Visa Card, MasterCard.
  • Return policy: Not mentioned in this online store.
  • Shipping time: No fixed shipping time is mentioned.
  • Shipping charges: Free shipping in all orders for today and standard shipping charges are not mentioned.
  • Refund: Not mentioned about the return policy and refund on this online store.

Pros of Applepeek Store

  • Different varieties and categories of products available in one online shopping platform. 
  • Unbelievably affordable prices on every product. 
  • You probably would not find the offers anywhere that are present in this online store. 
  • Free shipping for today.
  • Flexible online payment options.
  • The contact number is not mentioned on the website. 

Cons of Applepeek Store

  • The online store is very new in this field. 
  • Products are way too affordable.
  • The address mentioned in the online store probably looks fake. 
  • Return and refund policy is not mentioned.
  • Shipping time and shipping charges are not mentioned.

Is Applepeek Store Legit or a scam?

The Applepeek Store Reviews is too new to be trusted in this field. Also, the return policy option is mentioned, but it does not redirect you anywhere. There are many options in this online store that do not function or turns you anywhere, which is quite unprofessional.

The online store has a secure HTTPS connection, but that is not enough for an online store to be trusted. Suppose you click on the products to shop that also do not works. This store claims to offer you many varieties of products, but you won’t find much variety in its official platform, making it less trustworthy. 

Customers’ Applepeek Store Reviews

Customer reviews can be the first thing while shopping for anything online. Apple merchandise for only under $100, there should be loads of customer reviews. But unknowingly this platform does not have any customer reviews on its website.

Some website evaluations are present about this online store which says this online store is probably not legit. If you want to buy anything from this online store, you must wait for positive reviews related to its products and then decide accordingly. 

Applepeek Store Reviews: Conclusion

Finally, we will advise you that you should not buy anything from this online store because there is no such thing to prove its legitimacy. You can’t imagine buying apple products mobiles, watches under $100 the discounts are too good to be trusted. 

Please do not give any personal details on this online store that can be harmful to your device and your pocket. But still if you wish to purchase here, then it is suggested to go for thorough research and cross-check everything at your end. 

Also, have you purchased anything from this online shopping platform? Please tell us in the comment section below about your experience. Please do share this Applepeek Store Reviews so that others could know the truth behind this beautiful looking online store. 

32 thoughts on “Applepeek Store Reviews (Feb) Is This Offer Scam Deal?

  1. I purchased from this store , did not receive the product and have not received any correspondence or response from their support. Do not shop here it is not legit.

  2. I purchased two items got a notice it was delivered by FedEx, nothing was received sent an email to service support it came back filing a complaint through PayPal.

  3. I ordered a MacBook and it was never received even though their shipping info said it was delivered. I have submitted a claim with PayPal and with FedEx. We will see how this turns out.

  4. i buy the iphone 12 pro and i already pay for $89.95 i just want to know if i going to get mu phone or not couse i already paid if can call me at +18087208440 soo i know what im doing mahalo

  5. I purchased a computer from this company and I still have not received it. I knew this was to good to be true. I lost money lesson learned.

  6. Used paypal the submitted a false tracking number to paypal to receive payment. Have opened a dispute with PayPal ffg or a refund

  7. This store appears to be a total scam i purhased a laptop thinking t was an older model thats why it was so cheap they took my money and i have not reieved any tracking inormation or product. i reached out to paypal whch is how i paid and got the conact information from the person who took tjhe money. He is in Vietman his name is Nguyễn Xuân Toàn and email address is
    : which is not foumd when i send messages .DONT BUY ANTHING FROM THIS SITE YOU WILL JUST LOOSE MONEY

  8. I did purchase a refurbished iPad for my young granddaughter. It would have been her first so I didn’t want to spend much. I’ve never received it. I get no response from the company. Don’t waste your money with them like I did.

  9. I purchased or so I thought, a regularly priced at $2249, MacBook, which Applepeek is selling for $89.95. I got notification that it had been delivered to me, but, in fact, it had not been delivered. When I contacted FEDEX, I was told the product had been delivered, but not to me. There was a different name associated with the tracking number listed on the FEDEX confirmation receipt. I have filed complaints with FEDEX and PayPal. Both are supposedly working to find out what is going on. I just happened to do a search on this company, Applepeek, and was directed to this website. Now I await to see if I will get my $89.95 back or if I have been screwed out of this money, a substantial amount to me, who happens to be on a fixed income. I hope this will get resolved in my favor; getting my money reimbursed back to my credit card. Buyer beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Oh yeah. Their adds are popping up on Facebook.

  10. Curious…………. Are/Where are all the 4 to 5-star reviews listed, just copies from other sites, and not stars given in the review, by buyers from THEIR WEB site

  11. I happen to be one of the people who ordered the ipad not because I needed it but to see what type of product it was. I only ordered it because the website said it’s headquarters was in the US. I used paypal and I have it set up so that they couldn’t follow my keys. I had to use my finger to login. As soon as they sent me the tracking number they took the money from PayPal. That is when I realized that it was coming from China. I immediately sent an email and told them that they lied about where it was coming from and I wanted my money back. The email came back undeliverable. So I went to the website and it told me that the store was not available and it has been saying that since 2/8/21. I contacted PayPal and put in for resolution.

  12. I ordered the I pad from this store. Paid thru Pay Pal (thank heavens) . The tracking said it was delivered on Feb 6 to my house by Fed Ex and it weighed 47.2 pounds. (Really heavy I pad). It was never delivered. I have cameras at my house that monitor every door and there was no delivery. I was also home all day the day they said it was delivered. This is a scam! Thank Pay Pal as they refunded my money. I actually tried to cancel the order as soon as I saw the name of the place.

  13. I have to admit I got taken also. I certainly learned my lesson and am out the $89 for an iPad. It did sound too good to be true and it was. Pay Pal is not cooperating also. Grrrrrrr

  14. Total Scam!!!! I bought two phones the website is shut down, phone number goes to an answering machine. Doing a fraud Alert with my CC company. My gut told me not to do it but I didn’t listen.

  15. DEFINITELY A SCAM!!!! I ordered the I pad, said it shipped, said it was delivered by Fed X. I have cameras all around my house. There was no delivery. Delivery slip from Fed X said it weighed 54.3 pounds. (Heavy I pad). Contacted Fed X and they denied my request for refund, but thankfully I payed thru pay pal and my money was refunded by them. This is so aggravating! How do you know what is legit and what is someone trying to scam you?

  16. I want to know why the hell Facebook hasn’t banned their scam ads! I keep seeing these “$89.95” deals advertised on FB, yet the platform is totally failing subscribers. Also, why hasn’t PayPal but an embargo on purchases from this phony company? C’mon, people, if it’s too good to be true, why are you ponying up your hard-earned cash so naively? As PT Barnum is credited to say: “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

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