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Arceus Metal Coat {Feb} Acquire It And Evolve Pokemons!

This article guides you through the process of finding an Arceus Metal Coat, helping you create the best defense strategy possible.

The metal coat is an important evolutionary stone in the newest Pokemon Arceus and helps build a strong defense strategy in battles. In addition, these stones tend to be highly effective for steel-type Pokemons that need evolution for you to move further along your journey. 

Fans of the franchise have made the Arceus Metal Coat a trending topic Worldwide on social media platforms. Finding it on your own is possible but would take a long time without a guide helping you. 

This article goes over how you can obtain the evolutionary stone and other interesting facts.    

About Pokemon Legends Arceus game

Legends Arceus is a massive departure compared to the legacy games The Pokemon Company has released. The installment focuses on a sense of exploration rather than just simple grinding to level up. You are inspired to go on quests and use the resources available in the game to create a new sense of adventure. 

How to find the Arceus Metal Coat?

The usual way to get a Metal Coat is by simply entering the space-time distortions that open up randomly across the game. You are then required to battle various Pokemons within the game itself like Magnemite, Magnezon, and Magneton to gain the Metal coat. Creatures like Landorus and Garchomp are some of the highly effective ground types, which are highly effective against the steel types.  

Another way you can get the stone is by simply completing quests; however, the randomized nature makes it difficult for you to obtain them.

Buying yourself an Arceus Metal Coat?

The easiest way to get a Metal Coat is simply getting merit points by returning the sachets of weary travelers to them. It doesn’t require many quests and fighting battles, simply exploring the world of Pokemon. You have to gain 1000 merit points within the game and use it at a trading outpost to buy them.

Pokemon’s you can evolve with it

You can use the stone to evolve just about any steel-type Pokemon in the game. The most popular forms of evolutions are Onix into Steelix and Sypher into Scizor, boosting users’ defense strategy. In addition, Arceus Metal Coat effectively boosts steel-type Pokemons and is a must-obtain item in the game.

Tips to get into the Space rifts

  • Keep traveling across the game’s world and be as active as possible to avoid missing out on a rift.
  • Use the Map to help you find a shortcut to the rift zone and be prepared to get into Pokemon battles at any moment.
  • Are there ways to Spawn them? No, unfortunately, you have to be in the right moment at the right time.

Final thoughts

Arceus has proven to change the fundamentals of the game and revamped the fundamentals of the Pokemon game. However, there is a lot to explore, and the future expansion packs might add new ways to acquire Arceus Metal Coat.

Learn about every Steel-type Pokemon by clicking on this link.

Want more of your questions answered about Arceus? Post any idea that helps our community catch them all in the comments below.

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