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Armz Legends NFT {Nov 2021} Know Each Market Detail!

Have you heard about Armz Legends NFT? If so, read out the hidden facts and know if it is safe for investment or not.

Want to join the new NFT game that combines comics and enemies? If so, check this Armz legends, a play to earn game on BSC. The goal of the Armz game is to make the universe more robust with powerful Armz and defeat the enemies. Once you win, you will earn a token that will assist you in becoming financially independent. 

Not only generating tokens, but its goal is also to deliver a fun experience and create a strong community in Philippines, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. Let’s know the Armz Legends NFT in depth.

What are Armz Legends?

Armz legends is the best P2E NFT game that calls all passionate gamers to join this gaming zone and claim fun and exciting chances to make profits. Currently, it is not active, as its official website showcases the game is coming in November. 

However, when you click on the play button, it will take you to the landing page, where one needs to scan the QR code and connect the wallet first. In a nutshell, Armz legends will help users to enjoy it. So, are you ready to explore this game? Get your hands now!

Armz Legends NFT Price Chart

  • Price- $0.66
  • Token name- $PROT
  • Market capital- No data available
  • Market Dominance- No data available
  • Diluted Validation- NA
  • 24-hour Trading volume- NA
  • 24H low- NA
  • 24H high- NA

PROT supply chain/ market supply

  • Circulating supply- Not available
  • Total supply- 10,000,000
  • Maximum supply- 10,000,000
  • Market Rank- N/A

Who is the founder of Armz Legends?

It is a special BSC game that will come to a huge success due to the contribution of the following members. 

  • William as CEO
  • Matteo as CTO
  • Max as CMO
  • Zachary as Web3developer
  • Naoki as artist

All have given a major contribution to the Armz Legends NFT game, and hope it will make investors rich. Want to try your luck in it? However, when it comes to investment, it is always better to learn the market and then jump on the risk. 

How do you buy $PROT?

Perform the given steps to make $PROT yours.

  • Create your account on Metamask
  • Connect your wallet with BSC 
  • Now add the details on BSC or follow the on-screen details.
  • Then buy $PROT

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is tokenomics?

Tokenomics provides support to the player or holders to upgrade their features on time without any issues. Here are the complete details  

Q2. Is Armz Legends NFT has contact address?

Yes. Use 0xd3c9609b6cbc6ef02390f33c230590c38f9e5f9d for details.

Closing Thoughts

As you know, it is a new project that is about to launch at the end of November 2021. It is yet another NFT game that includes fun, entertainment, and NFT token that will support you financially in the near future. 

Currently, there is no information about its value. But it holds a $0.66 price even in no use. So, what’s your take on this new NFT game? 

Would you like to invest in its future? Do you think Armz Legends NFT Crypto will give real worth? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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