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Asap Rocky Shooting 2021 {April} Discover What Happened

The article is about the ASAP Rocky and the incident that happened last year, and the details of his arrest can get in ASAP Rocky Shooting 2021.

Do you know anything about the ASAP Rocky? Why is Rocky arrested on Wednesday? Did you find the reason for his arrest? Did he release? A few more questions are there in people’s minds. Did you search for any latest news about Rocky? If not, get the details by looking at the below article.

Rocky is a famous rapper in the United States, and he is a member of hip hop. For more details regarding the ASAP Rocky Shooting 2021, see below.

Who is ASAP Rocky, and what is the issue?

ASAP Rocky is a famous rapper, record producer, and famous singer. He was in a relationship with the popular singer Rihanna, and the couple is expecting their first baby soon. The issue started around November last year, and the argument escalated, and the suspect fired a handgun at the victim. Later, the victim sought medical treatment for his minor injuries. Many more details about the issue and what happened on Wednesday about the ASAP Rocky 2022 are mentioned.

What happened in 2021, and about the Rocky release?

ASAP Rocky was arrested in connection with a shooting in November 2021 at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday. The Los Angeles Police Department arrested him for assault with a deadly weapon. His given name is Rakim Mayer. The LA County Sheriff’s Jail database indicates that he was released on bond shortly after being booked. He was given a $550,000 bond. He was arrested just after arriving from Barbados on a private jet, where singer and entrepreneur Rihanna, with whom he is pregnant, hails.

Appending a few inputs about the ASAP Rocky Shooting 2021

Upon his arrival on a private plane, Mayer, 33, accompanied his girlfriend, Rihanna, who is expecting their first child together. Previously, Mayer had been on vacation with Rihanna in Barbados. Los Angeles police charged him with assault with a deadly weapon. Los Angeles police investigated Mayers connected with a shooting on November 6 near Vista Del Mar and Selma avenues in Hollywood around 10:20 p.m. Police later learned from the shooting victim that Mayers approached him with a handgun on the street as he walked with two others. Reports indicate one of the bullets grazed the victim’s left hand, as he said Mayers had shot at him three to four times.

ASAP Rocky Shooting 2021 

According to the release, an argument between two acquaintances took place on November 6, 2021, around 10:15 p.m. in the Hollywood Area near Selma Avenue and Argyle Avenue. 


As per the investigation, ASAP Rocky was arrested on Wednesday for the incident last year. A bail of $550,000, which ASAP will post for release shortly after his arrest, was allegedly set by the LAPD’s Head Quarters.

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