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Australian Federal Election 2022 Predictions {Feb} Find!

This article describes various poll results related to a major Australian political event. Read more on Australian Federal Election 2022 Predictions.   

Are you interested to know how people anticipated a major political result? If yes, this article covers all the relevant data on this topic based on well-structured research.

People from Australia are looking into this result as it is a major event that will affect the social-economical condition of the country in the coming years as the elected politicians play a crucial role in shaping the country’s future and improving the living conditions of the citizens. Read about the Australian Federal Election 2022 Predictions.   

About People’s Opinion Poll 2022

Opinion Poll is an election-related poll conducted by various agencies to predict the result of the 2022 Federal Election, which will influence the future of Australian citizens.

People’s opinions are collected through various methods such as online polls and telephonic polls. The people can choose the political party they believe will come to power once the election results are announced. The poll survey is not just a one-time poll but a series of polls at various times to analyze the mindset of the voters on different stages.

Australian Federal Election 2022 Predictions   

  • As per the poll result published by the Newspoll- YouGov on 30th January 2022, the Liberal/ National party tends to gain 34% of the total votes, while ALP is expected to lead the polls with 41% votes and Green Party with 11% votes.
  • The KORE poll survey conducted online and offline citizens published their poll results on 17th January 2022. As per their poll result, ALP tends to win the election with 40% votes, Liberal/National party tends to have 23% votes, and Green Part gets 9% votes.

 More Poll Results

  • To predict Australian Federal Election 2022 Predictions, Roy Morgan published their polling result on 16th January 2022. That result also predicts the victory of ALP with 37% votes, while the Liberal/National party is just behind with 35% votes, and Green Party gets 12% votes.
  • Resolve Strategic conducted another major poll between 11th and 15th January 2022. They published the poll with Liberal/National party having 34% votes, while ALP dominated the poll with 35% votes and Green Party with 11% votes.

What Can We Expect?

  • Australian Labor Party (ALP) has the upper hand over their strong opponent Liberal Party as per the Australian Federal Election 2022 Predictions.
  • Anthony Albanese, Leader of ALP and the opposition leader in the parliament, has a higher chance of becoming the next Australian prime minister.
  • According to poll results, Scott Morrison, the current Australian prime minister who has been in charge of the office since 2018, can leave his office after the election results.


Election poll results cannot always be similar to the actual result, as the emotional behavior of the voter may change with time. To know more about the topic mentioned above, please visit.

Do you have any suggestions on Australian Federal Election 2022 Predictions? If yes, feel free to share it with us in the comment section. 

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