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Authentic Site Reviews (June) Is This Legit Or Fake?

Authentic Site Reviews (June) Is This Legit Or Fake? >> Are you looking for designer decals and stickers for your kitchen? Then please look at this review to learn about the website’s trustworthiness. 

Are you looking for attractive and designer decals for your kitchen and home? But, first, please read this article carefully and go through all the steps for secure online shopping.

Decal designs possess ample benefits that are helpful for attractive purposes and are used for durability and resistance. So, in this write-up, we will discuss the Authentic Site Reviews and the website’s originality amongst the people of the United States.

A Few Words about the Authentic Site

It is an online shopping portal that provides suitable designs and decorative ideas desirable to customers worldwide. They claim to produce quality products by working with great professionals. The following are some products that are provided by this website:

  • Wall decals for kitchen.
  • Kitchen wall stickers.
  • English quote home decor designs.
  • Stickers for the dining room.

They yield different types of stickers and decals that are preferable as per the client’s space. Considering the Is Authentic Site Legit post, this website claims to offer the stickers that are generally of different colors and forms and thus possess a huge variety of items.

In addition, the payment mode is PayPal, as mentioned on the website.

Specifications of the Authentic Site

  • The URL to access the website is https://authentic-site.com/
  • It is an online shopping website that sells wall decals and stickers for kitchen and dining rooms.
  • The email address is mentioned on the website: support@authentic-site.com, and the contact number is 351-999-7481.
  • The office address of this online website is 4 S Orange Ave, South Orange, Ste 253, NJ 07079-1702, United States.
  • Considering the Authentic Site Reviews, office timing is Monday to Friday and from 8 am to 4 pm CST, as mentioned on the website.
  • The domain of this website was created on 20-04-2021 and will expire on 20-04-2022. Thus, it is only two months old website.
  • PayPal is preferred on this website upon purchasing pieces of stuff.
  • Orders are shipped via the USPS system.
  • As per the website’s return policy, returning the damaged item must be done within three days after purchasing.
  • There is a 14-day return policy available.
  • Orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

What are the Positive Points of the Website?

  • Considering the Authentic Site Reviews, the website provides home decoration ideas, including wall decals.
  • Email address and contact number are provided on the website.
  • A discount code is also provided over purchasing the items.

What are the Negative Points of the Website?

  • The website exhibits a low trust rank of 38.2/ 100 and a low trust score of 2%.
  • The website is only two months old, and it is hard to believe in its genuineness.
  • This website does not offer the exchange of items.
  • Fake links on Facebook and Instagram are provided over the website.

Is Authentic Site Legit?

The information that we have accumulated till now is as follows for checking the trustworthiness of the website:

  • Domain age: The website is new and was created on 20-04-2021.
  • Trust Rank and Score: Low trust rank and score.
  • Social media activity: No social media activity is detected for this website. Only fake links are provided on the bottom of the product’s description to gain trust amongst the online buyers and users.
  • Customers’ Authentic Site ReviewsAll of the products on the website have a 5-star rating reveals that this website is exhibiting suspicious activity. Moreover, we have not found any reviews on the trust pilot or any other reviewing platform, except for one negative review, which is available under the video evaluation
  • Contact Details: The customers have also attracted to these scams as they have mentioned a valid address, but upon researching, we have found that no such company is located near the area provided by them. Is Authentic Site Com Legit? Let us proceed further to know more.
  • Domain Expiry Date: The domain will expire on 20th April 2022, which means that the website has a short life expectancy.
  • Plagiarized Content: Most of the content of the website is plagiarized.
  • Mode of Payment: Only one mode of payment is mentioned, which is PayPal.
  • Interface: The interface or the look of the website is similar to other suspicious and shady sites. 
  • Owner Details: No owner details or date of establishment are mentioned in the About Us section.

All of these factors have helped us to understand the legitimacy of the website that this website appears to be questionable, as of now.

Customers’ Authentic Site Reviews

It is an online shopping portal that sells stickers and wall decals for kitchen and dining rooms. When we checked on this online site, we have found that 5-star ratings are given to all the products on the official website that created suspicion.

So, we checked further, and found that there are no reviews available online and not even on the Trustpilot. But, on further digging, we have found one video evaluation. One user has quoted a negative comment there, and he stated that he was going to buy from this site and was just about to make his payment. Let us move ahead for this comment to understand and answer – Is Authentic Site Com Legit?

Suddenly then he observed the word ”kit” in the product’s title that made him doubt, and then stopped for the payment. He then further started finding for the reviews for this website.

This means people have doubts about the legitimacy of this website, and they are enquiring, making it shady.


Please learn here more if you have seen anyone trapped by PayPal scams?  

Final Verdict

The website that is selling decals has failed to gain popularity in the online marketing field. As per the facts and figures gathered and considering the negative Authentic Site Reviews, we can say that this website is questionable as of now, though it is too early to conclude its legitimacy. Please learn here more if you have seen anyone trapped by credit card scam. 

What is your feedback regarding this website? Have you bought the decals from here? Please share your thoughts and viewpoints in the comments section below of this post. We will be happy to assist you. Please do share this post to know others the truth of this website. 

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