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Ava Fertility Bracelet Review- Is It a Hit or a Miss?

Ava Fertility Bracelet Review– Is It a Hit or a Miss?  The article talks about the pros and cons of fertility tracking device for mothers who have been unsuccessful at conceiving.

The first thing that comes to my mind when somebody says “Fertility” is IVF and Fertility doctors. I’m sure the same happens with you, too, signifying the boom the baby-making market is seeing. 

A variety of procedures are offered, but the risk of them not working out and being Extremely Expensive is heart-breaking. A friend who has been trying to conceive through IVF for the past two years has faced two miscarriages and spent roughly $13,000 in the procedures. 

The new cool kid on the block to dip its feet in the market is the Ava 2.0 Bracelet

It is brought to you by AVA, a digital company that is based out of Zurich, Switzerland. The company is currently shipping to the countries The United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, France, Australia.

After going through several Ava Bracelet Reviews posted by various customers, we have created this post to answer various questions like; what is a Fertility tracking bracelet? Does this thing really work, or is it just another one of those schemes that are trying to make money out of lost couples who have been unsuccessful at producing children. 

What Is Ava 2.0 Bracelet?

The Ava 2.0 bracelet is the newest version of the fertility tracking bracelet whose main job is to track what’s happening with your cycle through its sensor technology. 

In the words of YouTuber Jaqueline Wheeler, “It tracks your sleep, your temperature, your stress levels. It tracks so many things. One less thing I have to do.” It looks a lot like a fit bit tracker or an apple watch! It doesn’t stop there. 

It tracks five most fertile days by checking your temperature and LH. All this data is real-time and does not require any form or oral testing! 

The product has an 89% success rate making it a must-try if you have been struggling to conceive. 

Who Is This Fertility Tracking Bracelet Perfect For? 

It is perfect for women looking for insight into their bodies and fertility. The trick to conceiving lies in copulating on your most fertile day, and the tracker informs you days prior so you can be prepared.

There are many ways to conceive, but they are worth investing your money in? 

They are expensive and give you no surety or mental peace as a matter of fact! No way of knowing if you will be a mother once the procedures are performed! 

A product for all the women who are tired of searching for a way to conceive!

How To Use Ava 2.0 Bracelet

  • For the product to work, you will need to follow the instructions to the T! 
  • You will need to strap it on your wrist only during you sleep, and the sensors will map out your cycle. 
  • The tracker will need to be synced with The Ava Fertility Tracker app every day automatically. It is available on both iOS as well as Android devices. 
  • The users are informed about the fertile days, two days in advance.
  • Through this, its map’s out the 5.3 most fertile days of the month for you. This cuts out the need for any ovulation tests. 
  • It can also be used as a cycle tracker to keep a check on your hormone levels and as a pregnancy tracker to give you weekly updates on your pregnancy.
  • The product, like other watches, requires charging and can be quickly done by connecting to a charging port. The charging cable is provided with the purchase.

There are other products available in the market that give you more accurate fertility dates. One such product is the ClearBlue Fertility monitor! 

Clear Blue Fertility helps you track your fertile days through urine tests. A series of urine tests will be performed when the monitor asks you to once you have filled in the necessary details. Albeit taxing! But the accuracy rate of this product is higher than Ava 2.0’s. It also gives a 99% more accurate LH surge! 

Ava 2.0 Bracelet Review

The Ava 2.0 is the newer and modified version of the Ava fertility bracelet. 

The product sounds like the path-breaking invention in the field of reproductive health! 

However, it is essential to note that the product does not factor in PCOS. So, if you are a PCOS sufferer, you may not get correct results.

For accurate data, you will have to put in a lot of effort to get the predictions right such as waking up at the same time every day. This can be taxing! 

Ava 2.0  Bracelet Customer Review 

A lot of women claim to get pregnant even with irregular periods and boasting of success stories. A miracle really, as they comment about conceiving within four months of its use!

Some users complained of faulty products and commented, “Not very accurate and make up data. It never predicted the start of my next cycle or my ovulations properly.” 

Final Verdict About This Fertility Tracking Bracelet 

When you compare the accuracy rates, a desperate mind wants to go with the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor. Both would require an equal amount of effort keeping aside the accuracy rate. 

The Ava 2.0 fertility tracking bracelet gives you the ease and comfort that other devices may not. From tracking your fertile days in real-time to keeping track of your sleep cycle AND what is happening with your body!

In conclusion, I would like to say that purchasing the right product must be a personal choice. You may have to test out some products before finally settling on the one that works best for you! 

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