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Avg Subscription Scam {July} Read Details And Beware!

The article, Avg Subscription Scam, provides helpful information about the ongoing scam and suggests ways to stay aware form the scam.

Are you the person who is obsessed with the protection of your home? Are you aware that you need to protect your desktops and mobile phones? Because malware and viruses are mixed in the composition of this digital world, Many United States-based companies have started selling antivirus software programs to protect your desktop and mobile gadgets. One is AVG antivirus, so here in this article, we will discuss the Avg Subscription Scam.

AVG subscription

AVG is an antivirus and anti-malware software that helps to identify and destroy viruses and can be installed on Windows, Android, and iOS platforms. But recently, a scam has been circulating in the name of AVG subscription. This scam revolves around the AVG protection scheme for the whole family. It is also known as ultimate home protection.

This fake email uses the intuit email address, which states that the “payment regarding the home protection plan was successful.” After sending this fake email to the recipients, the recipients are asked to follow some steps to access the plan. In following these steps, scammers steals the users money.

How to Cancel Avg Subscription

For the people who have fallen for the fake AVG subscription mail, they can either contact their banks to hold their account or, if they want, they can cancel the AVG subscription.

Steps to cancel the subscription

  • Users should log in to their respective AVG accounts.
  • Select the tile named subscriptions
  • Click on the unsubscribe button.
  • Users are requested to share the reason for unsubscription. Then a confirmation mail will be sent.
  • Then the status of your AVG subscription changes to “expiring.” users can use their paid products until it expires.

How to prevent it?

Avg Subscription Scam can be prevented. There are some ways to identify these scams.

  • AVG subscription never asks customers to confirm their identity using their banking payment details.
  • It never asks the customers to validate the product.
  • AVG never sends their security updates via unsolicited email (if the customers want to update, then it should be done through the AVG application and not via email).
  • They won’t make unsolicited calls to the users regarding helping them to fix their desktops.

If any email messages or phone calls matches with the above points, it is a scam.

What to do?

If you have become the victim of the Avg Subscription Scam, you must first contact your banking officers to stop further payment from your bank account. Users are encouraged to file complaints with their local police or cyber cell. Because if they do so, it helps the police to find the scammers. AVG offers full support to their customers, and they can also file a complaint there. 


AVG is the most trusted brand in the world and provides services to protect the world from online malware and viruses, some of the scammers use their names to deceive people. Thus, the article Avg Subscription Scam provided a detailed explanation of the scam. People should be vigilant because the digital world welcomes not only opportunities but also some malware.

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