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Axie Zone Server Status (July) Check The Current Status!

Axie Zone Server Status (July) Check The Current Status! >> The guide shares details about the new blockchain-based game and the status of the game server.

AxieZone is the platform dedicated to Axie Infinity. Axie Infinity is the famous game developed and backed by Ethereum Blockchain.

The game involves raising, breeding, and collecting fantasy creatures called Axie. Players can access the guides and online tools to become skilled Axie Coach. Players in the Philippines breed their unique Axie and trade or sell the creatures to other players in the game’s marketplace. 

There are a total of 2312588 Axies, of which 43276 Axies are available for sale. However, before gaming, you must check the Axie Zone Server Status as it gets down sometimes.     

What is Axie Zone Server?

Axie Zone Server is the gaming server that handles and controls the game for the players. However, the server even allows the players to enjoy playing the game smoothly when it is up and running. 

But, some players in the Philippines complain that they are unable to access the game server because it is down. In addition, many common issues cause server downtime and prevent players from playing the game or trade their Axies.  

What is the Current Axie Zone Server Status?

Currently, the Axie Zone Server is up and running. A few indicators let the players know whether the server is down or up before playing the game. The Axie Infinity Server Status page refreshes and keeps the players updated about the server status. 

  • Green – When the stats are in the green state, the server is up and running.
  • Yellow – When it turns yellow, the server is fine and may get slower sometime in between.
  • Red – The red colour indicates that the server is down and may not respond to your request.
  • Grey – The grey colour suggests that the Axie Zone Server Status is unfamiliar, and the services may be down or slow.   

These are the colour that lets players know the current status of the Axie Zone Server.

What Are the Ongoing Issues with the Axie Zone Server?

According to the official Twitter page of Axie Infinity, there are some ongoing issues with the website and server. The tech team is working harder to get it fixed and up.

  • Stuck Axies – Many Players are having issues when their Axies are stuck, and they can be purchased. Engineers are working on this issue, and soon they will come up with a fix.
  • Game Server Issue – The server lags, and players face difficulty in battling when the Axie Zone Server Status is down. The tech team is working to bring new updates to fix the issue. 
  • Trouble Morphing – There are ongoing issues in breeding and morphing the creatures. It is because of the server downtime or a combination of DDOS Spam attacks and high traffic influx.  

As the gaming platform becomes popular and larger, it gains enemies and new issues. But, the engineers are working to come up with new updates to fix all errors and keep the server up 24/7.


If you enjoy playing Axie Infinity Game, it is necessary to check the present Axie Zone Server Status before entering the game. At the time of writing the post, the game server is up and running. 

If you are new to the gaming world of Axie Infinity and facing an error, ensure to check the tips to fix the error

What is the opinion regarding the game server status? Would you please share it in the comment section? 

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