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Banorte Hot Sale 2022 {May} Explore All Discount Values!

This article is about Banorte Hot Sale 2022 and the amount of discount. Read more on this topic below.

Do you want to know more about the Banorte sale? Are you interested to know what the sale is about? If so, please read the article till the end.

People in Mexico and the United States are eagerly waiting to know about this sale and offer. They are interested to know more about this sale.

If you are also interested to know about Banorte Hot Sale 2022read the article without any distractions.

Banorte Sale

Banorte is a financial institution that decides to provide a big discount to customers during the 2022 hot sale. Other than Banorte, other financial institutions include Citibanamex and BBVA. These institutions are geared up to provide many benefits to their customers. Many brands and other departmental stores are set to offer discounts. Even some banks will also offer great benefits to their customers. Banorte customers having credit cards can participate in this reward program. But it should be noted that the offer is applicable only for purchases over $5,000. This is all about Banorte Promociones Hot Sale.

Those who are to purchase between 5,000 to 10,000 pesos Banorte will reward 50% of their Banorte sale as points. If someone purchases over $10,000 will get credited 100% points. Offers will also be made for up to 9 months without interest.

Other financial institutions like BBVA, Citibanamex, HSBC, and Santander also offer a discount on the purchase of a certain amount. BBVA decided to offer a 15% discount if the purchase is made every month. A purchase should be made in a single exhibition for a valid offer. This offer of discount has been able to attract many customers.

Banorte Hot Sale 2022 

Like the Banorte sale, Citibanamex also offers a discount of 10%. This discount will also be offered every month without the rate of interest. Those who have a deposit account in an institution or a debit card can get up to a 15% discount if they purchase every month. Both types of offers are applicable for purchases made over $7000. 

HSBC will offer up to a discount of 30% if the purchase is made with a digital card issued by HSBC. If you make the purchase with a physical card, you can get the offer up to a 20% discount.

Banorte Hot Sale 2022 is a big offer that can fulfill your needs perfectly. This offer will help many customers to get benefits and save money. By making this offer, financial institutions can also get customers. Therefore, the offer of these institutions is becoming popular as the people can get the benefit.


The offer of a discount is always helpful. Because these offers help you get essential goods by spending less money, these offers come after a few months or weeks. These offers provide immense help to get the goods in a cheap amount. To know more, please visit this link.  

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