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Beats Studio Buds Vs Airpods Pro {July} Let’s Read!

Beats Studio Buds Vs Airpods Pro {July} Let’s Read!>> Here we will compare two very famous music earphones from two very well-known brands.

All of us love to hear music on different occasions, whether at work or the gym. Music is our everyday partner, and it makes our experience even better if we have good earphones or headphones.

There Is a huge controversy among the United States and Canada people about the latest Beats Studio Buds Vs Airpods pro issue. People worldwide are comparing these two devices and are getting confused. In this article, we will compare these two devices.

Comparing the design of Airpods Vs Beats Studios:

The beat’s buds come in a sporty look and have a sleek design, they come in an oval-shaped case, and they come in three color variants black, white and red, and it also consists of silicone ear tips, and the build is very lightweight, and it also contains a USB port in the bottom.

While comparing the Beats Studio Buds Vs Airpods Pro, the AirPods pro consists of wireless charging, and we can also use the touch-capacitive sensors in it. And it’s usually comes in a white color variant.

Comparing The Price Range of Airpods Vs Beats Studios:

the price of the beast studio buds is very lower than the Airpods pro. So, there is a difference of almost 100 dollars between the products. The cost of the beat studio buds is around 149.99 dollars, whereas the AirPods Pro comes with 249 dollars, so this was all about the cost of these two devices.

Noise Cancellation in Beats Studio Buds Vs Airpods Pro:

Now let us compare the noise cancellation of these two devices, and both of these devices come in active cancellation. The beat studio buds device provide an excellent noise cancellation service and work well whether at the office or anywhere else, and its noise cancellation feature works moderately well.

Whereas the apple AirPods pro also works exceptionally well in this noise cancellation category and lets you do your work without getting disturbed by the background noise, it helps shut down voices coming from outside. And both of these devices also come with a transparency mode.

Comparing The Battery life Of studio buds and Airpods:

While comparing the Beats Studio Buds Vs Airpods Pro battery life, we got to know that the studio buds’ battery life is around 16 hours while in the charging case. 

Still, it supports ten hours of playback when the transparency mode is turned on, and whereas the AirPods, when kept in the charging case, provided twenty-four hours of playback when the device is fully charged and by each charge of the AirPods, we get a five-hour non-stop listening.


Here we have discussed two top-rated devices: beats buds and AirPods pro, and here we have emphasized the Beats Studio Buds Vs Airpods Pro topic and have covered all the comparisons you need to make know to clear all your doubts regarding these two devices. Know here about the noise cancellation of both the devices:

Do you like using wireless earphones? If yes, then tell us about your favourite earphones.

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