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Best Picture 2008 Coined Word (Jan) Some Facts

Best Picture 2008 Coined Word (Jan) Some Facts >> This article has a mention of a website that has bundles of products for current trends.

All of us has solved these puzzles as a child or as an adult. The crossword is a word puzzle in square grids; the hints are brought in the mystery to complete. The answers related to each other in a state of words and their alphabets are used in another solution. 

Being quite an exciting game, it is seen in our daily newspapers, magazines, etc. People curiously solve these puzzles as their daily routine, especially in the United States, Canada.

This article will talk about the Best Picture 2008 Coined Word, which is a hint to one of the answers in the New York Times crossword puzzle. 

What is a crossword puzzle? 

The New York Times started publishing crossword puzzle since February 15 1942; it became quite famous in countries like the United States, Canada, etc. Usually, there is a grid of black and white boxes, placed so that all the blank white boxes are to be filled and black boxes are there to separate the words wherever needed. 

There are clues given, for example, the clue “Best Picture 2008 Coined Word” was given in the New York Times puzzle on January 22, 2021. The indications are the only gateway to solve the crossword puzzles. The answers are written from left to write and also downwards. Each answer added as a hint to the other. 

What could be the answers to the clue? 

In New York Times daily crossword puzzle due on January 22, there was a clue which was challenging to answer. We have done a lot of research about the answer through various websites. Best Picture 2008 Coined Word could be ‘Slumdog’. 

Slumdog millionaire is one of the historical films which has received many awards for the Best Picture, Best Direction, etc. It was nominated for ten awards out of which the film received 8 Oscars. Directed by Danny Boyle, the movie is based on the life of a young boy living in the slums.

 The story about how an ordinary poor guy correctly answered each question in cash-winning quiz shows and was accused of cheating. The movie was released in the United States first and then in other countries. 

Best Picture 2008 Coined Word results:

Considering the research about the given clue, the product would be ‘Slumdog’. The movie was released in various countries like the United States, Canada, etc. and received so many awards. It also received the award for Best Picture in 2008. Looking forward to the information gained, this is only the probable answer of the clue. 

The Final Verdict: 

You get crossword puzzle answers on various platforms. In this article, we have given a brief about the possible solution of the clue. We are sure about the response to the Best Picture 2008 Coined Word. If you get this right, please let us know in the comments below and also if you have your views or other answers you are free to comment. 

Thank you for reading this article. Hoping you get your answers here. 

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