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Blackfiona Reviews (June) Is This Genuine Or Scam?

Blackfiona Reviews (June) Is This Genuine Or Scam? >> Eagerly waiting to buy affordable products at your fingertips? Kindly read this article to determine the legitimacy of the website.

Being on the lookout for a complete website that sells a huge range of products starting from electronic goods to health and beauty items? So, let us discuss the topic more in detail. 

Everybody likes pampering themselves to bring about confidence and to grow a personality. In this write-up, we will discover another website that will help online buyers create alertness while shopping online. This article will be about the Blackfiona Reviews and identify some of the desirable perks to the United States people. 

What is Blackfiona?

It is a wired shopping portal with a wide range of dedicated catalogues under which different items are being sold. Hence, the products offered by them are as follows:

  • Car restorer cream 
  • Bluetooth wireless headset
  • Tempered glass for watches 
  • Phone holders
  • Masks
  • Jewelry
  • Home goods 

The website claims that they have made a good customer relationship, which helps discover new products cheaply. All of this information will help us to consider Is Blackfiona Legit or not?

Specifications or Key Details of Blackfiona 

  • It is an online portal that has a variety of daily required products 
  • The website has an email address as blackfionateam@gmail.com but does not have a particular office address. 
  • The URL to access this website is https://blackfiona.com.
  • For any query regarding shopping and transaction status, this online portal has a dedicated contact number of +14128971158.
  • PayPal and venmo are the preferred payment modes for this particular website.
  • The domain of this website is very new and was created on 16-05-2021. Thus considering the Blackfiona Reviews, the website will expire on 16-05-2022.
  • They offer shipping that is free of cost and possesses an easy return policy.
  • No such information has been detected for the shipping and returns policy offered by this website. 

What are the perks associated with the website?

  • Daily needs products are available on the website on a large scale.
  • The website has an exclusive email address and contact number.
  • Shipping of the products is free. 

What are the drawbacks of the website?

  • The website interface is too weak to attract customers. 
  • Analyzing the Blackfiona Reviews, the website has a low trust rank of 2.6/100, and the trust score is 2%.
  • A valid office address is absent on the website, thus imparting suspicion.
  • This website has failed to gain trust because of the absence of shipping and return policies usually required while creating ecommerce web pages. 
  • Reviews of products are not available on the website. Only fake links to Face book, Pinterest and Twitter have been detected.  

Is Blackfiona Legit?

Following facts have been gathered to determine the reality of the website amongst different users worldwide to know the legitimacy of the website. 

  • Domain age: The domain was created only one month ago.
  • Social media activity: The absence of social media platforms has been detected; thus, it imparts cynical activity amongst different buyers. 
  • Trust Rank and Score: The website possesses a relatively low trust rank and score.
  • Customer’s mindset and Blackfiona Reviews: The products offered by the website lack some delicate information, including genuine reviews of the product. Furthermore, it has fake links for different social media platforms. The suspicious high level of this website has caused it to fail to build trust.
  • Contact and office details: A dedicated office address is missing on the website. However, an email and a contact address have been recognized while evaluating. Upon receiving all this information, it has been evaluated that this website is quite apprehensive, and thus, necessary research is required. 

Customers’ Blackfiona Reviews

This website has some drawbacks, such as issues in trust rank and score and social media. No reviews have been detected on the Trust pilot that creates a mess regarding the website’s authenticity. If you can recall someone who have been trapped with credit card scams, then get the information here on how to protect.

Final Verdict

To conclude, this online retailer offers products such as mobile phone accessories  and more products such as wired headsets, magnetic cable, and mini garlic chopper required in every home. Thus, the website is debatable or questionable till now because it is only one month old and no reviews online.

However, online buyers can wait for some genuine Blackfiona Reviews on any reviewing portal for this website or research further when shopping on the portal to avoid capital loss. Learn here for more information if you know someone who is been trapped by PayPal scams. 

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