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Bloblocale Reviews [Updated 2020] – Is It a Scam?

Bloblocale Reviews [Updated 2020] – Is It a Scam? -> Here you read about an online shopping site and got to know if it was a scam or was it legit.

How many times have landed upon a doubtful website? Have you heard about bloblocale scam?

In here, you will get to know all the details of Bloblocale, and then you can decide if you want to buy from them. As per the latest updates, Bloblocale is trending at the United State.

Some websites mainly sell home décor products only. Bloblocale seems one of those. It has almost all the products related to home décor merely, but in between, you also spot some random gym equipment.

Before you end up becoming a target of any of such random fake websites, read here how you can save yourself from losing money and spending on unwanted products.

If you would like to know more about this online shopping website, then please keep reading.

What is bloblocale?

Bloblocale is just another online shopping website that offers its customers some products, including mantel clocks, address plaques, artificial flowers, trees, and plants. A very few bloblocale reviews are available on the web, and thus this article might help you clear your doubts.

Starting with the website, it is not well-set. The name of the categories and the products inside them are two different things. Even if the name of the type suggests “mantel clock,” the products inside are not about it. They are just some other showpieces.

Any official website would focus on arranging the products and categories well so that they can gain the trust of the customers. This does not seem the case with Bloblocale.

The terms and conditions mentioned on the website are not very clear. Even when most of the products are related to decoration, there are unreliable items available on the site like treadmill, the neck pillow that you use for flights, folding iron table, knee pads, etc. and this makes no sense at all.

Should you trust bloblocale?

Is bloblocale legit? This is the fundamental question in the minds of so many online shoppers.

Although we see no reason in trusting this website, it is up to you to do more research, cross-check through friends and social media handles, and then decide if this is genuine or not.

There are no customer reviews available on the website, which kind of creates some doubts in a buyer’s mind.

The price of the products is high. Honestly, if you want to buy from them, you need to have solid proof that this website is genuine. Here we see no such clarification that makes us believe that paying so much money for the original and standard items is safe.

If the website is not at all a hoax, then it should place the items properly under each category, and such a lack-of-care can make their site go from hero to zero in no time.

How does bloblocale work?

Bloblocale works the same as other online shopping websites. You select the product, add it to the cart, and then pay for the item/items. The mode of payment is online only. They do not avail of COD as of now.

They take up to 1-2 weeks to deliver your package, and this time seems like an extended period. In this super-fast and tech-advanced world, 1-2 weeks feel like years.

They have a weird return and refund policy. If they feel that the product is in excellent condition even then, the refund is not guaranteed.  The refund time is also long, and the email provided for further refund queries is of some other name. All of these things create a lot of confusion regarding the authenticity of this website.

The products made available on the website are not unique. They are also available in all the local shops and markets and that too at minimum costs.

What are the positive points of bloblocale?

  • The website has a good collection of artificial trees and plants
  • The site allows payment through PayPal, VISA card, MasterCard, etc.
  • It says that the person will receive the order in 3-7 business days from the date of shipping
  • The shipping service is through DHL which is one of the trusted courier services worldwide

What do we not like about bloblocale?

  • No original images used
  • Products are not unique
  • Shipping takes a lot of time
  • No refund guaranteed
  • Website is not maintained properly
  • Only online payment is available
  • Tracking number is provided 36-48 hours later

Customer’s experience with bloblocale-

The website does not have customer reviews on it, but there are a few people who have made complaints about bloblocale on other web pages. But there were very fewer customers who have had positive outcomes with bloblocale. Some of the buyers had refund issues, and some did not receive their product at all.

A lot of buyers have also made complaints about receiving damaged items. If anyone in your network has ordered from this website or heard of such things, then confirm everything from them before you pay.

Final Verdict

Online scams are a whole new trend. So many hackers and websites end up taking money from innocent buyers by fooling them. Thus, it becomes our sole responsibility always to stay alert and updated with what is happening in the online world.

Various websites claim to be genuine but are fake and cheat on their customers. The best way to check on them is by critically analyzing the site. With bloblocale, the case is the same. The customers had mixed reviews, and so that was not to be considered as a judging factor. If to talk about the management of the website, then it seems like it is fake, but payment services make us feel that the site might be genuine.

It allows payments through PayPal, VISA, etc. and maybe this can be an authentic site too.

We recommend our readers to check other web pages and confirm from different online sources about the website and its legitimacy.

0 thoughts on “Bloblocale Reviews [Updated 2020] – Is It a Scam?

  1. I ordered from this Website Bloblocale over a month ago for my daughter and I still have not received my product or money back!!!!
    I am so upset. She wanted to start doing facials. Shes only 15 and she already started doing them on my sofa. Io disappointed, as a single mom of 3, loosing out on money I don’t have really hurts!

  2. I ordered a treadmill from this website and received a fake pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. They didn’t reply to my email and didn’t give me my money back. DON’T ORDER FROM HERE

  3. I ordered a recumbent bike from them on March 2nd, and somehow the tracking number that they provided was the exact same number of an item(a table) that I ordered, and received from Amazon.com. After going back and forth via email, I finally told them that I would report them to the FCC for fraud if I don’t receive a refund or remedy. They said that my item must have gotten lost, and that the would resend……..that was on April 16th….and still, nothing. I am going to report to the FCC for fraud.

  4. I recommend that everyone go to ftccomplaintassistance.gov (as I just did) and report this fraudulent activity. The need to be stopped.

  5. I’ve been waiting 4 months for my item. They offered less than what I paid back to me, if I ever see it. I’m m so angry!! Definitely not a legitimate company

  6. Bloblocale.com is a SCAM! They told me the product I ordered 4 months ago was lost then they tried to only refund me a partial refund for NO PRODUCT. They told the merchant that the item was delivered to me and provided a fake tracking number. Right after they told me that they still can give me only a partial refund. They told me one thing and the merchant another. What liars and scammers. The Federal Trade Commission needs to prosecute them foe scamming customers.

  7. I wish I had seen this before ordering from this website. They gave an address of Arizona or I wouldn’t have ordered from them. It took a few days before I received the tracking number and upon reading it I knew it probably was legit. The wording in the e-mail was foreign sounding. For several days I have been tracking my item and hoping I might actually get it in spite of my fears. On July 4th tracking info stopped and I’ve contacted them about it. They replied back by giving me the same track number and explained I would be able to track my item. I contacted them again and explained again that I had the number and was already tracking my item, but, that it stopped and I hadn’t heard any more on it. That was ten days ago and I wanted to know where it was. They also billed my card for more than the amount they showed. At this point I don’t really expect to receive my order so I’ll see what recourse I have and try that. Georgia

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