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Blueland Reviews (Updated 2020) Detail Buyers Guide

Blueland Reviews (Updated 2020) Detail Buyers Guide >> This article is meant for those who are looking for a real organic and effective cleaning product that would last long and weigh less on pocket.

How well does your cleaner work? Is it eco-friendly and expensive? Does it really remove hard stains effectively? These are a few questions which bother us, whenever we come across any new cleaning product in the market.

There are several liquids and detergents that promise fine cleaning with adequacy, but which one is to be chosen is a matter that confuses most of us. Here, I would recommend environment friendly products over chemically fortified ones. 

Before making a purchase, one should always read through the constituents of the item and lay stress on the basic cleaning function that it’s supposed to do. If the product is able to serve the primary function, then it’s better not to pay heed on smell and other attributes as this calls for more chemicals to be incorporated in the composition. 

The regular cleaning agents, available in the market are mostly chemically made and seem to do a better cleaning work than the natural counterparts. Here, we are wrong.

Many organic cleaners are powerful in their performance and don’t pose any health risks like the inorganic counterparts. They also help in preserving the natural ecological balance and saves big time on money.

What is Blueland Cleaning?

Blueland Cleaning is a new revolutionary cleaning product that’s designed differently to match all your cleaning needs at your space. The product has already gained acclamation in United States and Canada because of it’s surprisingly easy cleaning process. 

Blueland Cleaning Products are eco-friendly and re-usable and the company ‘Blueland’ presents this aid as a non-toxic and a zero waste cleaner. The products come in a customized kit which is quite affordable.

Who’s this for?

This is for all those who want to get their space organically cleaned with little effort and are conscious about the environment. The product is lowly priced with no compromise on the quality front. Blueland Cleaning is meant for a regular regime.

Benefits of using Blueland products,

  • Blueland Products are reusable and are designed to last long.
  • Each pack is a complete unit with no extra things required for operation. That means you don’t need to purchase anything out of the box.
  • The product is very simple to procure, use and store.
  • It’s completely harmless and can be used regularly.

Blueland Specifications,

Inside, a cardboard box package, there’s a little booklet, where the procedures for using the product is explained lucidly. A hand soap and three medium sized spray bottles, which are reusable are provided in the kit.

The most important ingredient, the packs of tablets, which do the actual cleaning, are placed inside small perishable paper packets. 

The first spray bottle, which is pink hued at the bottom is meant for bathroom cleaning and the pack of pink tablets are to be used in it.

The yellow coloured tablets are meant for the yellow bottomed spray bottle for multi-surface cleaning.

The blue capsules and the bluish spray bottle will do the glass and mirror cleaning. 

All the three bottles are closed with a well fitted cap on the nozzle.

How exactly does Blueland products work?

Always use warm or hot water to fill the bottles. There’s an indicator line marked on the bottles, till which the water has to be filled and not beyond that. 

Secondly, one tablet from each pack has to be dropped in the filled bottles by matching the colors.

Once, you pop in the tablets, you can visibly notice the tablets evaporating and getting mixed with the water. Replace the nozzles immediately on the respective bottles and leave on for some time till the entire capsules dissolve.

It takes about 15-20 minutes for the entire process to happen. Now the bottles are ready for cleaning. The fluids smell fresh and aren’t overpowering and definitely not artificially scented.

How to use them?

The three spray bottles are meant for separate specific functions, so be careful when you use them. The color variation of course doesn’t let you go wrong.

What sets the Blueland cleaning apart?

The tablets provided in a Blueland Cleaning pack are a great substitute for refills in other cleaning products. The tablets are tiny and are subjected to complete usage, shunning any kind of wastage.

The packaging is compostable and can be recycled simply. The spray bottles are made of poly plastic acrylic, which means they would last forever. Their sturdy built shuns leakage and spilling. 

The color co-ordination of the bottles and the capsules are ideated for easy identification. 

The product is easy to obtain online and is shipped to you at your own convenience. This is a great way to reduce the plastic consumption effortlessly.

Lastly, the product works!

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