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Bluesianas Com Reviews [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site?

Bluesianas Com Reviews [May] Is A Good site Or Not -> In this article know whether virtual shopping of furniture, appliances, and home essentials is safe or not.

Is not buying a home and decorating it to create an aura within the dwelling space feel fantastic? Home decoration is the favorite task of most homeowners.

While searching for the designer and functional furniture, appliances, and accessories, we came across Bluesianas Com Reviews. When we observe the products and study their designs, we are excited to look into the website to give you exact details and thoughts to help you shop safely and comfortably.

There are countless websites available online from where you can buy home furnishing items, but when they come with free shipping, it changes the whole dynamics. For such purpose, we are reviewing Bluesianas.com that works from the United State. The site shows top-rated reviews that are positive and joyful to read. Let’s check more details of the website before we start shopping from it. 

What is Bluesianas? 

Bluesianas.Com is an online shopping site that is recently launched in March 2020. It offers furniture, kitchen appliances, fire TV stick, and other items at competitive prices. You can even gift the products directly from the online store to your loved ones. It claims to provide only authentic products with the fastest delivery period. As per the reviews, the site looks popular in the United State

We know you are still confused as to whether to buy from this site or not? Is Bluesianas.com scam? Well, we are here to help you. Come with us to find the answers.

Specifications of Bluesianas:

  • Website type: Home décor and appliances
  • Shipping time: 1-2 days
  • Delivery time: 3-5 days
  • Exchange: Applicable
  • Return: Applicable
  • Shipping charge: Free on all orders
  • Order cancellation: No Information Found
  • Contact number: (609) 316-0978
  • Company address: Lumberton, 1 Mulberry Ct, NJ 08048
  • Email address: cs@bluesianas.com 
  • Mode of payment: PayPal and Credit Card

Is Bluesianas an authentic online Shop? 

The reviews present on the home page of Bluesianas.com state zero fraudulent and suspicious activity. The site gives exciting offers, free shipping, the fastest delivery, and secured payment options. It also provides many products of the Amazon brand, which is a good sign. You can find the best offers in all seasons because it gives hefty discounts on all its products. So far, the site looks legit because it also provides payment options. 

Benefits of shopping from Bluesianas:

  • Authentic products and affordable pricing
  • Free shipping
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy to understand the product description
  • Positive customer feedback
  • Easy return, exchange, and refund policy
  • Fast delivery period 

Cons of shopping from Bluesianas:

  • No background
  • The site is not SSL certified
  • Unorganized website and product listing
  • No cash on delivery

What do customers think of Bluesianas.com?

For the reviews about the site, we do not require to search on other websites. The positive customer feedbacks are already highlighted on the home page to make you trust the site. Instead of the present reviews, we decided to dig deep into the search engines to find other reviews. To our amazement, we never see any more reviews or background about the company. However, the six reviews on the home page are positive and help you purchase from the site. We suggest you shop from Bluesianas.com at your own risk. 

Final Verdict

Bluesianas.com is a newly established online store, which is not old than two months. The site looks legit at first, but the more we look into it, the more we get confused with the products. It has poor website content and product listing management. The site shows many categories and products, but when going through them, then many products are missing. It leaves an awful impression on us. Bluesianas.com has no background about where it comes, what it commits to its buyers, its vision, and other details.

There are around six reviews on the home page, but none are present on the products and other websites. The product pricing seems quite high because we can always find the same products at the same price on some different legit websites. Also, the site shows a social media presence but has no content to display. All details look beautiful but have major scam-features that lead us not to trust it. Therefore, we finally conclude that Bluesianas.com is a big scam and do not support you in buying from newly established online stores. Please leave your comments below or tell us your shopping experience from this site. 

0 thoughts on “Bluesianas Com Reviews [May] Is It A Trustworthy Site?

  1. Bluesianas.com is a fraudulent site. Plain and simple. Paypal will not help you get your money back either.

  2. It is scam. Do not use this site, they will charge your cc via paypal and send fake delivery confirmation. They will not send you the order.

  3. This is a bunch of BS. There are currently 24 reviews on PayPal indicating that blueSianas.com is engaging in fraudulent activity, all in the last 2 weeks. I include myself as I was given a tracking number from a medical supply company that was shipped to a local hospital, and both the website and the seller refuse to respond to emails. Also, that address is for a neighborhood house in New Jersey, the phone is a google subscriber phone that no one answers.

  4. bluesianas.com is definitely a scam. They provide a UPS tracking# to infer your product is shipped. Product is never received and paypal checks the tracking # and it shows as delivered and sides with the company stating the product was received. The UPS tracking number belongs to another customer and a different company is the shipper. Not sure how bluesianas is getting the duplicate tracking#. UPS gets stuck with paying the claim in the end for some customers if the value is under $100. THIS IS A SCAM FOR SURE, I AM NOT THE ONLY CUSTOMER THAT HAS BEEN IMPACTED.

  5. Bought a fire stick from this company 4 19.95 in May it’s June 11 still has not arrived

  6. I bought a roku stick for $30.99 was suppose to be here in 5 days,its been 25 days you cant contact them by email at all like they say it keeps saying eror try again later,i paid with paypay i put in a complaint with paypal they said they cited in favor with the company even tho the company never replyed back to them because they provided a tracking number that showed an 8lb item was delivered by ups.
    My roku stick only weighs around 4-6 ounces not 8lbs and i contacted ups it wasnt even my name or adress that was delivered,so yeah its a scam do not waste your money,thank you.

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