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Bnbur Reviews [June] – Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam?

Bnbur Reviews [June] – Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam? -> In this site, we get to know about the site and its products.

What if you can buy gifts for kids and clothing like beautiful sweaters and jeans online? Well, the Bnbur site will help you to get these quickly at your place.

Everyone wants to buy fabulous gifts for their kids and also some of the beautiful purchases for home decoration. Bnbur makes sure that it provides its customer with an impressive range of products and along with the trendy looks in jeans and sweaters. 

The specialists of the site develop an excellent and beautiful range of products which are very appealing to the customers. With this site, you get to buy trendy looks for yourself and get many options for gifts.

Bnbur Reviews tells us that the site is functional in the United State. The site will help you get a wide range of products such as DIY, furniture, storage, gardening furniture and a lot more.

The specialists believe that the home looks more beautiful, of those who take care of it. So they help in providing you with products that maintain your home’s beauty and help you look trendy and stylish along with it.

The products developed are made keeping in mind the latest trends and fashion, and you can quickly get your hands on them. The products are delivered at your doorstep within the specified period.

Now before we look at the specifications along with the pros and cons, let us have a glance at what is Bnbur?

What is Bnbur?

Bnbur is an online portal that helps you get a wide range of options that is ordering, shopping and get them delivered at your place.

Bnbur.Club Reviews tell us that the company involves passionate stylists and crafters who put in all their zeal to develop amazing products. The products designed have good quality.

The jeans and the sweater that you get on this site are so fashionable and beautiful that you can’t resist yourself until you get your hands on them. 

Now you can spend your much valuable time in other chores as you will be getting these amazing products right at your place quickly.

What is so unique about Bnbur?

The critical element that you need to note about this is that you get such beautiful and wide range of products on a single website. 

The specialists help in developing amazing products and provide them to you at your place. The site contains DIY, furniture, gifts, home décor and many more trendy looks to allure and fascinates you.

The goods are delivered across the nation without any shipping charges.


  • Product: DIY, home gifts, gifts for kids, storage, cleaning, jeans and sweaters
  • Website: https://www.bnbur.club/
  • Email: bnbur@outlook.com
  • Parent company:
  • Address: 1926 South 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska 68106
  • Contact number: +12563695004
  • Delivery time: 7-10 days
  • Shipping fees: Free
  • Exchange: Not mentioned
  • Returns: Within 30 days
  • Refunds: Not clear
  • Mode of payment: Unclear

Pros of buying from Bnbur:

  • Get fashionable jeans and sweaters
  • Beautiful gifts
  • Get 24 hours of customer support
  • Several options for home décor
  • The desired range of gifts for kids


  • Lack of clearness
  • No social media presence
  • No reviews found
  • No details on exchange and refunds

Customer feedback on Bnbur:

The site is found to be untrustworthy and is not a legitimate site. It lacks genuineness and popularity too.

There are no online reviews found, and there is no relation to social media. Therefore customers cannot trust the website. The customers who have bought products are requested to consult the bank for refunds.

There are no online reviews found, and hence the authenticity of the site is at stake.

The site has build ambiguity in the customer’s mind. The site represents logos similar to fake websites. The site does not have the genuineness of a legit website.

Final verdict:

Since we do not find any compelling content on the site, we think that the information is incomplete.

The customers are requested not to confuse this site with the site having similar keywords. 

After going through the site, we think that the site is a scam and is not a trustworthy site. 

Since reviews are essential before buying any product, but the site has no reviews, so we do not regard it as a valid site.

Thus, we recommend that the readers should not place orders from this site as it is not a valid site.

0 thoughts on “Bnbur Reviews [June] – Is It Good Place To Buy Or Scam?

  1. Their site advertised a 3 piece aluminum chaise lounge set for $56 which is impossible. Their phone number was invalid so I assumed the site was a fake.

  2. Responses can be fake to ruin a business or promote one ,the presence or absence of glowing remarks mean nothing.

  3. I ordered a Vinyl Porch Swing Frame that was advertised as made in the USA, Amish made. What I got in the mail was 9 white face masks that came from China!!!!

  4. This company/website is a SCAM. Do not order anything from them.
    Ordered 2 chairs. Received face masks. They are a FRAUD.
    Address and contact info are fake.
    PayPal rejected my dispute also.
    I am going to keep chasing them until I get some kind of resolution-see the 2 emails below if you want to chase after them for getting caught in their fraudulent activities.
    ‘bnbur@outlook.com’; ‘wwnnkkzs@sina.com’

  5. They are SCAMMERS!!! Do not order from them! Ordered a patio table, the tracking number they sent showed a small package was delivered to my mailbox which I never received per usps dimensions in the package did not match product description went though PayPal and PayPal closed my case on their favor just because the tracking number said it was delivered. Don’t let them steal your money!

  6. I ordered two zero gravity chairs and got face masks! I asked they re-ship my order and it was “out for delivery” in my town for nearly 3 days before being “lost” all the sudden. Scam!

  7. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS SITE!!!!! I ordered A sunnydaze cusion for my floating Chaise on May 30th 2020 have yet to receive it. I call it a SCAM as well.

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