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Boxbollen Reviews {Dec} Is This A Legitimate Site Or Not

This article on Boxbollen Reviews will explain all the crucial details and reviews related to the website.

Are you bored with your old workouts? Do you want to try something new and more effective? If yes, then you are on the right article. Boxbollen’s website in the United States and the United Kingdom offers some revolutionary sets of exercise equipment. If you are looking forward to purchasing from this website, we advise everyone to read this post on Boxbollen Reviews.

Introduction to Boxbollen website

Boxbollen’s website sells some different and revolutionary exercise equipment. Their equipment is designed for users to improve focus, reflexes, and body control. Their equipment is designed as a game so that users enjoy the workout. Their complete set includes:

  • Adjustable headband (Velcro)
  • Elastic string with a softball
  • Water-resistant carrying pouch
  • QR license for the Boxboll app

Features of Boxbollen website

  • URL: https://boxbollen.com/
  • Email address: bboxbollen@gmail.com.
  • Customer care number: 559179-3277
  • Location: Eriksson Bros AB, 112 56 Stockholm
  • Customer’s opinion: We found some excellent Boxbollen UK Reviews on the official website
  • Return scheme: Customers are allowed to return their products within 14 days of purchase
  • Refund scheme: The number of days in which refunds will be processed is not explained on the website
  • Shipping days: The shipping policy of the shop is not explained on the website
  • Payment methods: Amex, google pay, apple pay, MasterCard, Maestro, PayPal, shop pay, and visa are some of the payment options offered by the website

Positive features

  • The contact information of the website is accessible on the website

Negative features

  • The shipping policy and the refund days were not detected on the website

Necessary credentials of Boxbollen Amazon

We always advise readers to read some basic information about the website before purchasing. Some of the crucial details of the website are explained below:

  • Website creation date: Boxbollen website was registered on 21st August 2018, which means this website is more than four years old. 
  • Data security: Boxbollen website uses HTTPS security to ensure safe data transfer
  • Trust score: Boxbollen has an excellent trust score of 86%
  • Buyer’s views: Customers have appreciated products on the Boxbollen website.
  • Social media accounts: Boxbollen is active on its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Important schemes: Boxbollen website has explained its privacy policy, terms and conditions, and refund policy. However, the shipping policy needs to be explained.

Boxbollen Reviews

Boxbollen shop is quite famous, and many people have bought their products. Buyers appreciated the products and said that the products were effective. People have recorded videos of them working out using the Boxbollen equipment. They also rated the app of Boxbollen with 4.7 stars out of 5. We also found some reviews on online reviews sites where customers praised the quality of the products. Besides this, we checked the social media accounts of Boxbollen and found that several celebrities also used their products. Buyers are advised to look at credit card scams through this post.


To summarize this post on Boxbollen Reviews, Boxbollen is quite an old website with an excellent trust score. Also, the reviews provided by the customers are pretty impressive. So, customers can check out this website; however, please take some safety precautions while shopping online. Additionally, customers should read the measures to stay clear of PayPal scammers. For more information about exercise equipment, visit this page 

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Boxbollen Reviews – FAQs

Q.1 What does the Boxbollen website sell?

Boxbollen’s website sells exercise equipment online.

Q.2 How old is the Boxbollen website?

Boxbollen’s website is more than four years old.

Q.3 What is the trust score of Boxbollen shop?

The trust score of the Boxbollen website is 86%

Q.4 How many stars have customers given to Boxbollen shop?

Customers have provided 4.7 stars out of 5 stars, according to Boxbollen Reviews.

Q.5 Is Boxbollen available on social media?

Yes, Boxbollen is available on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Q.6 How can we contact the Boxbollen shop?

Boxbollen shop can be contacted through the email address, phone number, and address provided in the above article.

Q.7 Does Boxbollen shop provides a return policy?

Yes, Boxbollen shop provides a 14 days return policy.

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