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Bshopca com Reviews [July] Is It a Hoax or Legit One?

Bshopca com Reviews [July] Is It a Hoax or Legit One? -> This article shows readers why a website offering jawdropping price discounts on its products should be carefully checked for authenticity.  

If you are looking for sewing machines online at jawdropping rates in the United States, you may have landed on Bshopca.com. This website offers a wide range of sewing machines from brands like Singer and Brother at incredibly low prices. 

For most customers, this might seem too right to be true, and the chances are that it may not be true after all. However, one should always check Bshopca com Reviews to know what the market has to say about such websites and only draw a conclusion. 

Sewing machines are a very significant part of suburban American households after the arrival of the electric sewing machines. There’s a massive market for such devices in the United States, and Bshopca.com targets this particular market to sell the full range of these machines that line up its inventory. 

In addition to sewing machines, this website also sells washing machines, microwave ovens, freezers, induction cook tops, and adjustable dumbbells at rock bottom prices

This article will carefully cover the Bshopca com Reviews to check the authenticity of this website and provide helpful information about whether it is safe to make purchases here. 

What is the Bshopca website? 

The Bshopca website offers a number of house appliances at jawdropping prices, which are shown to be 60-70% less than the market price. Every product page has a good deal of information about the particular variant of the sewing machine shown on that page. 

This is quite important for users of the machines. They would like to know all the minute specifications, especially since a lot of automation has been integrated into today’s sewing machines. 

The website also provides the full contact details of its office address and phone number. Still, interestingly, it has a Gmail address for emails where customers can contact them if necessary. It is also somewhat strange that its FAQ page has provided information on just how to place an order and nothing more. Customers can have many other standard inquiries that they usually lookup in FAQs, but in this case, they would be required to contact Bshopca for such information. This certainly raises a few questions about the authenticity of the website. 


  • The Bshopca website does offer useful information about the specifications of most products that it sells 
  • This website has a PayPal payment option in addition to other modes of payment  
  • provides details of its shipping policy including the countries where it ships and the approximate shipping times for different destinations 

Is the Bshopca website legit? 

The site was created for just about four months, which suggests that customers should be extra careful about dealing with this website. 

As per Bshopca com Reviews, there are many instances of customers complaining about not receiving the products they purchased. The customers also complained that the company couldn’t be contacted for refunds as the phone number is unresponsive. 

Bshopca website pros 

  • Customers have the option of paying via PayPal for purchases they make on this website 
  • The product pages display a fair amount of information which is vital for such machines 
  • The prices at which this website offers its products are almost unbeatable with discount ranging from 60-70% 

Bshopca website cons 

  • The site has already earned a bad reputation for scam operations, and there are numerous customer reviews on third party websites to prove that 
  • Although it has provided a phone number on its contact page, scammed customers complain that the number is unresponsive 
  • The site is barely four months old, and it could be a fly-by-night scam operation to make quick money and run 

Customer reviews 

Most of the Bshopca com Reviews offer negative feedback about this site wherein customers explained how they were created. 

Even after using PayPal, these customers got cheated by the website, which proves that the site owners know the minute details of how and when to get the customer’s money out of PayPal. 


Bshopca com Reviews say the number of negative feedback about Bshopca is undoubtedly very worrying, and, unfortunately, the website has already created a large number of customers despite using PayPal. 

Therefore, we have concluded that Bshopca.com is not a legit website, and it is not safe to deal with it because the chances of getting scammed here are quite high. 

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  1. Did not received 2@Refrigerator PayPal report them and through fraud through the government FRAUD division. Got confirmation but it was not right because it could not fit in mailbox. Had to create account twice.

  2. Don’t do it this if a fraudulent website, you will never get you money back, Paypal won’t give money back because the paypal account owner provides a dummy tracking number, which paypal does not let you go back and report that the tracking number is invalid per the USPS…

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