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Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween 2021 {Oct} Game Updates!

The following article will help you to know more about Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween 2021 and will give you all the possible details.

The festive season has started, and with all the festivities around, Halloween is also on its way and people all around in Poland, the United States, United Kingdom enjoy Halloween with all the zeal, excitement every year and this time period excites the people and they all dress in horror themes.

Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween 2021 is one such game based on a Halloween theme that is now available in an updated version. The game has new features which will be enjoyed by the players. So to know more about this update, read the complete article.

About the Invention

Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween was updated on October 22, 2021, bringing Halloween festivities in this game. The game was updated by Shaun Savage, popularly known as Evident. This long-time site creator brings the most interesting sites as per the preferences of the audience. Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween 2021 is one of his inventions that is loved by his audience.

The creator likes to play video games, television shows and films in his off-time. The game has some patch notes such that players have to discover new pets and open new eggs; they can earn lollipops currency as special rewards, and need to travel spooky portals to reach new areas. The Roblox Bubble Gum has now got the spirit of Halloween and can enjoy unlimited fun, suspense and rewards in this game. So let us discuss the rules and procedures to play more.

Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween 2021

The Halloween Area 2021 uses lollipops as the currency, scattered all around the houses or the areas and can be collected using the map by trick or treat at houses.

The players can purchase the eggs using:

  • 1200 lollipops- wisp egg
  • 300,000 lollipops- hellish egg
  • 125,000 lollipops- ghost egg

Moreover, there are many rewards that are available in the new version like:

  • Frankendoggy
  • Frankenkitty
  • Wisp
  • Wisp Elemental
  • Ghostarium
  • Pumpkin burst
  • Eternal Candle
  • Haunted terror and many more

All these rewards have different picture signs, which makes their identities unique and different from each other.

Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween 2021 has different Halloween challenges like Trick or treat, in this feature include door-to-door going to 11 different houses.

Another feature is Trivia, where you can find a blue crewmate on the corner right beside the shop from the Among Us game, and you can’t fall over it due to the Crewmate easter egg present below.


Wrapping up the content, we came to the conclusion that this game will be going to be super exciting as this has a lot of new things to discover, and players can now take advantage of new features. Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween 2021 will give you the feeling of a real Halloween theme. You can view more about Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween on this link.

What are your views on Bubble Gum Simulator Halloween? Please share with us in the comment section.

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