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Buffbag Scam (Nov 2020) Is the Deal Worth it?

Buffbag Scam (Nov 2020) Is the Deal Worth it? >> This article explains everything right and wrong about the product and the website on which it is sold.

Who does not want a comfortable and fluffy place to sit, relax, and sleep without anybody else’s interference? We all want that cozy sleep in a warm place. And the fun part, what if you can carry that comfortable thing to relax everywhere? Just think how amazing it will be!

While today we are talking about this fantastic product in the article titled Buffbag Scam

Must be wondering why a scam, right? Then continue reading the whole article, whether you are from the United States or the United Kingdom. We will enlighten you about the product, its specifications, its pros, and its cons. 

What is Buffbag?

We in Buffbag Scam are talking about a product, which is a bean bag. In the hug of this fluffy giant bean bag, everyday stress becomes irrelevant, and the only thing you will remember is self-love and care. In this busy world, we forget our priorities and put our work and family first. We forget how important it is to self-care and self-love. 

We forget that we should take our time to relax from our busy schedule. And guess what? Now you don’t have to worry anymore that you can relax only in your bedroom to disturb no one. 

Buffbag Scam presents to you this portable bean bag that you can carry anytime and anywhere. Want to relax while watching your favorite TV series? Well, then take the buff bag to the living room. Fed up of sleeping on the same old bed of yours? 

Then why don’t you grab this warm bag and sleep in it alone? And that’s not all! You can be in it alone or enjoy with the boys while playing the gaming console or with your girlfriend or boyfriend in your arms. 

Once you sit in this bean bag by buffbag.co, you’ll float, and the longer you sit in it, the cuddlier the fur of the fluffy bag feel. And the only question that we cannot answer is how you will get yourself out of this comfortable bag? 


Buffbag Scam presents to you all the necessary specifications of the product-

  • Email address- buffbagsetup@gmail.com
  • Colors available- Light grey, cream, dark Brown, Snow White, and Sky blue. 
  • Size- 6 feet= 1.8 meters= 180 cm (in diameter)
  • The material used- 100% Vegan and cotton imported from the United Kingdom
  • Price- $39.99 (sale price)

        $78.99 (original price)

  • Payment methods- Credit card or debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, MasterCard. 
  • Shipping Information- Free shipping on all orders. 
  • Refund policy- provided within 30 days
  • Comes with two covers– outer cover (washable) and inner cover
  • Volume can be adjusted as per convenience

Pros of the product:

  • Various color options are available. 
  • Free shipping. 
  • 30-day refund policy
  • Big enough to hold two adults.
  • Easy to repack.
  • Very affordable. 
  • Light and compact. 
  • Easy to wash.
  • XXL size. 
  • Adjustable volume of the buff bag. 

Cons of the product:

  • Difficult to dispose of. 
  • Dangerous for small babies to sleep on. 
  • Not much durable as other furniture products. 

Is the product safe to use? 

The product is safe to use for adults, but Buffbag Scam wants to warn you about the website. Buffbag.co is not a trustable website because it has just been registered. The site is suspected to be a scam. Moreover, the owner of the website is hidden, and no proper contact information is provided. 

Customer Reviews:

The product has received a five-star rating as per the website. But we could not find any customer reviews from any external sources. If you have bought the product and found it legit and safe to use, let us know in the comments section below. 

Final verdict:

After reading about the Buffbag Scam, you must have got an idea about the product yourself. We recommend you try the bean bag because of its advantages, but we also request you to look for reviews, if available, from some external sources other than the website itself. The website was very recently registered and is a scam. So be aware! 


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