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{Updated} Busi Lurayi Cause Of Death Twitter: What Happened To Her, Check Her Autopsy Report, Husband, Instagram Account, Wikipedia, Age, and Child Details!

This post on Busi Lurayi Cause Of Death Twitter will guide the readers on the death of South African actress, Busi Lurayi. Keep reading this post.

Are you a fan of Busi Lurayi? How did she die? Her fans were broken after they heard about the passing of their favorite actress. Busi Lurayi Cause Of Death Twitter is trending and people in South Africa are discussing her death. This post will reveal some true information on the death of Busi. So, kindly stay connected with us to know the facts about her death. 

Cause of Death: Busi Lurayi

Busi Luriya is a renowned personality in the South African film industry. Her Passing shocked her fans. She was an actress who worked on Netflix shows and comedy series. She was found dead on July 10, 2022, in her bedroom. According to online sources like twitter, there is no clarity on the reason for her death. But, some sources revealed that she died due to the injury to her leg. Blood was dripping from her lips and nose.

Wikipedia Details of Busi Lurayi

Busi Lurayi was too young to leave the world. Her sudden death was not only shocking for her family but shocked the entire world. She had an amazing fanbase in Africa. This section will reveal the facts about her life.

Real Name Busisiwe Lurayi
Date of birth May 26, 1986
Date of Death July 10, 2022
Place of Birth  Tembis, Ekurhuleni
Place of Death  Tembis, Ekurhuleni
Age 36 years (at the time of death) 
Love Partner Mziwoxolo Qwelane
Kids Ayana
Net Worth  $300,000
Marital Status  Unknown
Parents Freddy Mokoena (father) 

There is no detailed information on her early life and education. We will update our readers once the information on her early life will be revealed. Kindly go through the updates ahead to know about her death. 


Wikipedia Details of Busi Lurayi

What does Busi’s Autopsy Report reveal?

According to online sources, her autopsy was not publicized. But, police officials revealed that her death might have caused due to her leg injury. The blood was dripping from her nose and lips. Her father was the one who found her dead body first. He informed police officials and her body was taken to the hospital. But, she was pronounced dead. Everybody questioned: What Happened To Busi and how did she die? 

Her death news was first revealed by Eye Media Artist, her agency. It was made official on her social media. Her close friends also revealed that she died due to foul play. Her leg had bruises that were directed toward foul play. 

Marital Status of Busi

It is unknown if Busi was married to anyone. Her Husband name was not revealed but some sources revealed that she was dating Mziwoxolo Qwelane. But, the authenticity of this update cannot be known. However, she had a daughter whose name is Ayana. 

She used to share pictures with her. Many online sources had posted her pictures with Ayana. 


Summing up this post, the audience can know about the death details of Busi Lurayi  here. 

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Instagram Update On Busi Lurayi: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How old was Busi Lurayi?

Ans. At the time of her death, Busi was only 36 years old.

Q.2 When did Busi Lurayi die?

Ans. As per online sources, her dead body was found in her bedroom on July 10, 2022.

Q.3 Who informed the public about her death?

Ans. As per online sources, her agency names Eye Media Artist was the one who shared the news of her death first.

Q.4 What was the net worth of Busi Lurayi?

Ans. Online sources revealed that her net worth was $300,000.

Q.5 Does she own a Child?

Ans. Yes, she is a mother of a daughter, Ayana.

Q.6 Was Busi Lurayi dating anyone?

Ans. There is no update on her married life, but some online sources revealed that she was dating Mziwoxolo Qwelane. The authenticity of this information is still unknown.

Q.7 What was the cause of Busi’s death?

Ans. Some sources revealed that the bruises on her leg were the main cause. While some of her close friends revealed that she died due to foul play. The exact reason for her death is still unknown.

Q.8 In what condition her body was discovered?

Ans. She was lying in her room and her lips were bleeding. She had an injury on her legs. 

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