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Cadbury Rewards Scam 2020 (Nov) Explore the Scams.

Cadbury Rewards Scam 2020 (Nov) Explore the Scams. >>This article tells you about one of the most trending Internet scams.

With the increasing usage of Internet these days, scams have got a new platform, that of the Internet. It has become much more comfortable for cybercriminals to do cons by sitting at their respective places. It is a different methodology of fraud which involves – Phishing emails, SMS, social media, fake tele-support calls, etc.

Cadbury Rewards Scam, 2020 is one such Internet scam that originated in the United Kingdom.

What is Cadbury Rewards Scam 2020?

Cadbury Rewards Scam is one such phishing attacks on the personal information of people in which a lady named “Anna Burton” falsely claiming to be an employee of Cadbury, sends messages on Facebook profiles of people that they have won a hamper from Cadbury which they can claim by clicking on the provided link.

And it is not restricted to just Facebook; instead, it asks people to share the link with their friends on social media apps like WhatsApp, etc. to earn the same hamper for themselves. In this way, the chain of this attack is spreading very fast, and the risk of leakage of personal information is increasing exponentially.

How it takes away your Information?

A link is sent to a set of targeted people on their Facebook profiles or WhatsApp offering give-away by Cadbury. When they click on the link, they are directed to a bogus website where they have to provide their Personal Information.

Then, they are asked to share the link with 9 of their friends and comment “Thanks”. In this way, a chain is created where the scammer is getting the Information of others indirectly by just sending the link to one of them.

In this way, personal Information of people is shared through Cadbury Rewards Scam 2020 with malicious sites which in turn uses this Information for unethical activities.

Lastly, by clicking on the claim button, they do not receive anything. Instead, they are directed towards some other website which offers them prizes on registering on different links.

How to save yourself from such scams?

Even if we don’t know the reliability of the link that we get, we can do certain things to avoid being scammed through scams like, Cadbury Rewards Scam 2020. These are:

  • Check whether the same offer is being reflected on the Official website of the Company.
  • Open the Official website of the Company, but not through the link provided.
  • Mark such Emails as spam.
  • Allow only selective people and the ones who are close to you to view your social media profile.
  • If still unsure, try sending a mail or post on the Official website of the Company by taking a screenshot of such correspondence or SMS.

Final Verdict

It is very much clear from the Information above that Cadbury Rewards Scam 2020 is indeed a scam, basically a Phishing attack, to get personal information of people.

Hence, it is advised, not to click on any outside link without knowing its legitimacy.

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